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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Many Souls Sharing in Ascension


Everyone hear of self actualization? The process by which one becomes self aware, ultimately. It’s more complex than that of course.

That is ascension, right? It’s part of it, but ascension does go beyond it as well.

I feel afraid by thinking too much about how I am able to be aware. It feels more out of control like a free fall. I scare myself with thinking about it too deeply. I think it’s a little neurotic. One does need a degree of hubris. We need some degree of belief that we understand reality, but that hubris changes over time.

Is the planet hubris for our souls? It is, but not just human hubris. It serves the other life forms here as well.

We need that safety line when we are standing on top of the sky scraper, but even with the safety line my legs would still shake, and I would not let go of the railing. You can come to not fear the fall when you learn to fly. Only you know if you should remain in the nest or not.

This reminds me of a Buddhist teaching. You can jump because you won’t hit bottom. There is no bottom, and the only sun that might melt the Icarus wings is the light of the soul itself. No harm comes, only correction of course.

But people who register powerfully on the collective consciousness continue to be affected by it. It even happens while they are still alive, thus the insanity of enlightenment of actors and celebrities. But even for those who pass on, being recalled gives a boost to that beings consciousness.

John Lennon? Yes. The consciousness of say, John Lennon, is affected by other peoples consciousness of John Lennon. The consciousness of John Lennon is the consciousness of John Lennon. There are not multiple consciousness’. Only one. When he still lived, the awareness of his friends and family affected him. Even having passed, those who are aware of him still effect him.

We are Borg? We are not Borg, because there is no central rule that everyone follows. No over arching program that denies the self.

There is one consciousness experiencing through many minds? There are many souls sharing the same medium of mind, and each soul has multiple domains in mind. Servers they access. This is much like web surfing, but it’s surfing the shamans web of power.

Is consciousness the same as soul? Consciousness is a faculty of soul, not the only faculty it has.

I always thought John Lennon was an alien from an advanced civilization with better music, but maybe he was more in touch with his ascension than most and thought he was godlike. Yes. Sometimes a little knowledge is just dangerous. That’s actually all too common. Heaven can be far worse than hell.

Maybe he was stuck on that stage. The stage where you know everything before you get to the stage where you know nothing? Yes.

Is the “One” then an organism of many soul cells? Yes, and the one that gets spoke of is the root of life, but not a life form. Can’t be special when you can’t think clearly about what special is. The one is the singularity at the center of the multiverse. It’s like a beating heart of infinite potential.

Zero point? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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