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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Perceptual Freeze Frame in Siddhis


Shall we get back to the guts of all this?

They say siddhis stem from growing self awareness attained through meditation as well as contemplation and understanding of spiritual principles, like karma or other such things. They even say that time travel is possible. Strangely, it seems to be possible only in a forward direction.

Well, this is the interesting part. Our ageing would seem to slow or stop if we were accelerated to the speed of light. The immortality they talk about in the siddhis? Perhaps physical acceleration isn’t necessary, and instead it could be achieved through observational acceleration?

They would seem like they were standing still, statues. Yes and no. Their observation framework would have a non-local relationship to their physical location, sort of locking them in a temporal freeze frame without changing their relationship to matter in an absolute localized sense, but there would be a side effect of this. Although backward time travel is not possible according to science, sideways time travel is. Shifting into relationship with universes that have a different set of causal relationships to ours. If they are actually creating the perceptual bubble I described, they could shift into one of those parallels without falling out of ours by changing how their personal observer worked or interacted with the environment. They change their relationship to the laws of physics, but only for them.

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Living partly in the 4th dimension? Yes. That same perceptual freeze frame might also explain the levitation of flight powers as well. What do you think so far?

When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I am infinitely heavy.

Tai chi masters have demonstrated an ability to augment their relative weight. They are weighed at a default amount that is normal (even lighter than normal, many tend to be skinny), but with focus they can make it impossible for even very strong men to lift them. They don’t wiggle or anything. They don’t resist in any physical way. They just concentrate for a bit.

We studied this in our classes. There is no physical action, and could by focus not be moved or any part of our bodies moved. Yes. I use a version of that technique to open jars, when I can manage the focus of course.

And after one tried to, with a lot of their physical force on an arm or body, there is no harm found on the tai chi body. Yes, the spear riding that they can do.

I talk to jars. I have weak paws and jars are tough, but then we have a chat. The command ability they mention, without the implied bossiness maybe. Same ability, different attitude.

No, it’s not command oriented at all, none of those are. It’s like switches, flip on flip off. For me, it’s highly intermittent. I can’t bend metal with my mind or anything, but when my focus is working I can bend or break things people have told me they swore would be impossible. Lift weights by myself without difficulty, pull nails out of wood with my bare hands.

I can break a remote simply by pressing its buttons. I have fried a computers power supply by having an angry mood swing while using it, no physical violence, just burned out fuse, or whatever it was.

Oh, yeah watch that, negative thought in motion. I had to apologize profusely to my friend. They could afford the replacement but he looked at me askance for about a month or so.

So what would create this freeze frame I was talking about? Have you heard of resonance? Entrainment? Remember the state the scientists found the monks functioning in? Activating their whole brain simultaneously, likely not missing any part that would be involved in the observer effect. What do you think?

No inner conflict or dissonance to dampen their brains synchronization. Some even make mention of them. The place known as shambala. Some are said to be able to come and go from that space freely, returning to help their brothers in their order from time to time but in a weird pattern, like maybe they don’t track time normally. Perhaps prophecy is a sort of mapping of that state? And like mapping, ranging quite a bit in how accurate it might be.

Seem like a bunch of nonsense?

I imagine the descriptions of the experience are second hand, a loose approximation of something that is probably very difficult to explain for those who have achieved it.

True. How do you explain an altered state of consciousness to someone who has never experienced it. The words don’t exist. Especially not in English, but even very little in other languages as well.

It’s why they use metaphor and poetry a lot.

Feel clear on the topic of the siddhis?

Yes, thank you, it was very enlightening.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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