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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Powers in Siddhis


Now that I have the science out of the way… Even those who report having achieved one of the siddhis, the attainments, report that it takes a great deal of time and training. These are people who have devoted decades to meditation, but they also acknowledge that some people are born with one of those attainments. They don’t need to discover it, and they can be unlocked temporarily with the assistance of herbs or austerities, ascetic rituals. They don’t seem to be something that stays fixed in anyone’s mind when they are attained, either.

How many siddhis are there? There are differing schools of thought as regards the siddhis. Some say eight, others list more. Shall I run down the list?

They are different levels of consciousness? There are different levels of consciousness, yes. Perhaps siddhis arise from an advanced understanding of what some call the quantum observer effect.

Ok, the list:

  • Anima. The ability to reduce yourself to the size of an atom.
  • Mahima. The ability to expand your size indefinitely, infinitely.
  • Garima. The ability to become infinitely heavy.
  • Laghima. The ability to become weightless. Perhaps the source of the idea of levitation?
  • Prapti. Unrestricted access to all spaces, also known as teleportation.
  • Prakamya. Manifesting whatever you desire.
  • Istva. The power of omnipotent persuasion. You say, they do.
  • Vastva. Absolute authority, control of even animals and elements.

There are stories of some siddha who were pretty scary in their application of the siddhis, monstrous even, or just arbitrary. I guess it depends on your point of view. These powers are recorded in texts almost older than recorded history.

Anima – the ability to reduce yourself to the size of an atom. There is a drug that people take to shut off all your senses, and the people say it’s like you are reduced to a pinpoint. Some of the siddhis have historically been drug induced.

That’s one list. It sound at all familiar? There is another list that mentions five. It’s in Sanskrit so I will just summarize.

The ability to know the past, present, and future, all of it.

Tolerance of heat cold and other dualities. There is actually a scientific example of the cold tolerance. A man who through meditation and training seems immune to cold. They have tested him. He can swim in arctic waters and show no symptoms of any distress. There are a few people who are more or less immune to electrical voltage, at least passing through their bodies. This is something they freely and easily demonstrate, but the side effects of taking an electric charge still cause them mild discomfort, no other ill effects.

It is as if you have no stopping points in your system for either and let it pass through uninhibited. Exactly. Aligning with all the particles, so to speak, that already pass through all the time.

The ability to stop the influence of hurtful effects, sun exposure, poison, things like that.

The next in the list of five is telepathy, knowing the minds of others.

They have a telepathic mouse, science does. Indeed, they do. They still (and I feel foolishly) believe that telepathy is only possible if they stick something in your head. What do you think of this friends? If after having a neural implant, one mouse can come to be able to make intelligible sense of signals coming from another mouses brain, more or less using that other mouses senses as if they were its own, is it reasonable to keep saying the brain can’t do that on its own? What do you think?

I think they just unlocked something that lay dormant.

What about those aha moments when someone says, “Oh, you just read my mind.”? They dismiss that, say it’s body cues, psychology. I have no background in psychology myself, but people have described me as quite skilled in it. I even have autism which is supposed to mean I have little or no theory of mind as they call it.

The last of the five is remaining unconquered by others.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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