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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

Autistic Perspective in Distress


I am considered autistic and in the case of an autistic in general, they experience the world in the opposite direction. No screening. So they relate to you as the idea in their head. They can potentially grow and reflect you more clearly and they can be reached. And I promise you they do know distress quite strongly. Basically an autistic cannot screen details, and thus they get overwhelmed and develop coping habits that seem strange to others.

You can bond with them, but it has to happen differently. I still struggle with some normal concepts like love, but we do have feelings. Perhaps it would be helpful to see it like teaching a blind person to read. They aren’t actually blind, but they don’t trigger on the same signals you do. They have to learn emotion in a different way. For them the emotive center didn’t come first and then things built on that. Brain grew fast and the forebrain had to compete with the emotional. So thought and feeling are the same thing for them, forever fused.

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They think they show feelings and they do, only at another level. And they learn to censor. We don’t moderate the normal way, so instead go to extremes. More withdrawn.

An example of my own situation, and perhaps distress in general is if I meet someone in person. Their movements start reflecting in my “mirroring” nervous system and thus their mood also. It is natural, but can be very different. For me the whole world is strange and to even share my thoughts like this is distressing. Important to me, but distressing.

No matter where we start in the mind (which is also where we start in the world) we can find meeting points. We did today. We can share online like in the virtual world of ’Second Life’ and our real life is virtual also. It’s seen from our own point of view. Bonding can be easier online or very much harder. If you don’t like the way your second life is going we start all over and make a new one. People do that in real life also. Move away from friends and family, dump relationships. In Second Life you can show deep parts of yourself you couldn’t in the real world. Symbols are language. And in real life it tends to confine us a little. Necessity of biological success.

So step over your fear and perhaps by showing what might be fearful, others might likewise accept those rejected parts.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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