'Distress' Chapter


Is the spirit that comes to relieve you of your broken shell evil, or an angel of mercy? Do you know evil truely? Is it not possible that you are under the influence of evils that taint this world to such a degree that everyone accepts them as normal?

When you see the pattern you realize you aren’t defined by it. When you see that ‘what I am’ and ‘what I am not’ are of shallow meaning.

When I see that though I may define myself as being “not” something, I can be that thing, and when I define myself as “being” something that can cease.

“The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection” Thomas Paine

Spiritual Nature of Distress

Many people consider the joy they find in the path, but if in distress they believe themselves to be off of the path. In fact our spiritual life moves in peace or in distress, in joy or in the “dark… Seek More

Feeling Pain

Why can’t people accept that they can’t control their life or others? They misidentify themselves so they don‘t know who they are. They think there is a “them” that needs to struggle. For example, accepting a suicide is hard, and… Seek More

Love Beyond Limits

There is a love beyond human limits. It is the peace that allows balance in the planets eco-systems. It’s the rhythms that perpetuate life on this world despite some species being so determinedly self destructive. It is our nature which… Seek More

Autistic Perspective

I am considered autistic and in the case of an autistic in general, they experience the world in the opposite direction. No screening. So they relate to you as the idea in their head. They can potentially grow and reflect… Seek More