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Why Deny Passion?


Thinking gets you where you are, and often gets you stuck and keeps you there. Do your passions arise from thinking? Can you be angry and out of control and be aware that you are angry and out of control?… Seek More

Taoist Practice


There are many allegories in Taoism and much like Greek Gnosticism it is heavily experience based, though there are a body of philosophers, referred to as sages, who are viewed as having deep insight into the Tao, like Chuang-Tzu and… Seek More

Impact of Perspective


The subject is the impact of perspective on spiritual life. Some see it as merely a tendency for distortion. They think we don’t see clearly because of our ego putting an overlay on spiritual experience. I would say individual experience is… Seek More

Perception of Reality


You never perceive reality directly with your senses. It isn’t how it works. And how and what you perceive is determined by your focus, often subconsciously according to conditioning. If you can see what you don’t see, then your perspective… Seek More

Narrow View of Reality


How can we trust our senses when they are so limited? Yet people do. But in fact there is something that makes you trust your senses and lies underneath the senses. Experience? No. That comes after and often leads to… Seek More

Collective Unconscious


Can our mind be a key to the physical world? Would you be able to change the outcome of physical objects? In fact yes, to a degree. The exception to that rule is that you aren’t the only mind. There… Seek More

Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Soul mates are true, but overlooked by many. Your soul mate isn’t your other half necessarily, but there is a spiritual force that pairs people. Even if they are your other half we fight with ourselves, so why wouldn’t our… Seek More

Fear, Fear, Fear


Fear, fear, fear. Seems it is all fear. Of what use is fear? If you identify threat clearly then it is useful, but in my experience in more general things, it doesn’t do that. It helps the powers that be keep… Seek More

Lemonade Award

Lemonade Award

Thanks to Ocean of Perspective and to The Inspired Self for passing us the Lemonade Award! This award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude.  Since the purpose of this site is to inspire living from your true nature… Seek More

Knowing in Advance

Time and space are not constants. It is more a Swiss cheese than a solid supportive object, and there have been many examples of it. For me it’s a pretty frequent event, and I suspect that many people experience it… Seek More