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Impact of Perspective in Perspective


The subject is the impact of perspective on spiritual life. Some see it as merely a tendency for distortion. They think we don’t see clearly because of our ego putting an overlay on spiritual experience. I would say individual experience is the life blood of the spiritual path. They say we all have a message we bring to this world, and yet a lot of orthodox schools of thought disparage the very source of this message. The “I” that we don’t have to create. They imply that our goal is somehow to merge with the universal. Yet paradoxically they say that we incarnate here to express it. How can individuality be both bad and a part of the universal life? Be that god or whatever you call the source of life.

I think the criticism of the ego for it being ego is a stumbling block more than a help. We can get fixated on ideas including the ideas of who we are. But that doesn’t deny the truth that I am me and seeing you from my point in space and time. I have individuality for a reason. The source is omnipotent, meaning possessing all power. The potential to do all things, and all of these things do get done. But as they say in Taoism, the thousand things arise from the source and only seem to be separate. This ‘seeming’ isn’t an illusion, but it isn’t something to become blinded by either.

For example, in a virtual world like ‘Second Life’ we all choose looks that differ. Some choose to model their real life appearance. Some model it in part but idealize it. Some adopt a role that they enjoy from hobbies or fantasy. Some seek to employ spiritual symbolism. These are all valid points where we can see perspective manifested in a very obvious and concrete form. There is even some schisming there, a rejection by some sets of other groups. Some object to “furries”. Others object to those who adopt spiritual symbolism for a persona or who adopt symbolism in their avatars dress. There is a truth beyond all of this. Your focus does create your reality, literally.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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