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Humour in Spirituality in Humour


A lot is said about humour in a limited way, but humour like beauty is truth. We can find humour in all things, because in fact there is truth and beauty in all things. Just some might not be to our personal taste. When we call something ugly, all we are saying is it doesn’t suit us. The word is otherwise meaningless.

How many who have a meditation practice find that they sometimes have fits of laughter? Myself, I do. When you see whatever passes through your mind in a natural way, in context, often what was so disturbing to you reveals itself to not have strong roots. To be more the product of confusion than an actual issue. In comedy that’s more or less the basis of the art. And well, they focus on popular things and often have no agenda beyond entertaining, but art reflects life reflects art. Some use humour to highlight or bring attention to things. And comedians do have values, though many tend to be sort of pedestrian in what they are willing to embrace. As has been noted, a lot of their ability with humour comes from having a rather dark view of the world. But by sharing that and their perception of life’s absurdity, they actually bring light into peoples lives.

We as spiritual seekers often take the path much too seriously. To be honest, that can be blinding. We say I believe this principle or this value, and fail to realize that it doesn’t exist all by itself. It is one whole world and everything exists in context, the big picture.

Often one spiritual/religious group will tease the members of another. But this humour applies to everyone, every belief. If there is no humour in it there is no truth in it either. Life is that way. The process of realization, that “aha”… What’s the difference between it and “haha”?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Cheryl

    it is nice to know we can share a light and jovial attitude to peace. for me it makes the path easier to relate to as well, you can laugh and relax along the way.

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