'Perfection' Chapter


The yin aspect of reality is a valid counterpart to the yang. Many in pursuit of the light generate their own counterforce. It need not be embodied by any who seem to take a stance counter to light seeking. The stars shine most brightly in the night sky. The stars are not separate from us, is no action or acted upon. Just one big dance.

Consciousness comes before the stars or after? Before and before, and before humanity itself.

“Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.” Martha Graham

Idea of Perfection

Many people in life strive for perfection which can be any loosely defined notion. The very word itself is heavily loaded. Some believe that personal perfection is impossible to attain. They see it as an impossible state, but can perfection… Seek More

Fabric of the Universe

Is someone a wise weaver of the universe fabric? Actually no. There is a heart to it all. A sort of hyperspace. The place in Buddhism called Nirvana is not oblivion. The home of the “ascended masters”. Ultimately it’s all… Seek More

Dance of Sound and Silence

All things are dance, and those truths we poke at are the song of the piper. Never winded. The wind is his breath. All voices his voice. At any given time someone is thinking, and someone is speaking. Someone might… Seek More

Perfection As Complementarity

Today’s topic is a continuation of the subject of perfection. Specifically, we will be talking about perfection as complementarity. It’s a common bit of public opinion that there is no such thing as perfection, and this is a half truth,… Seek More

Awareness Of Contrast

Comparison is often considered a bad thing, but is it a vital function to see perfection? It’s not a principle of comparison. Everything is in relationship to everything else. It’s just a matter of degree. It’s actually a need for… Seek More

Filter Of Time

A friend of mine mentioned that some physicists reject the concept of time now. They have solid reasons for doing so. Time exists only as a system of complimentary relationships. Yesterdays stand apart from tomorrow because the circumstances of yesterday… Seek More

Accept Duality

Now to the heart of the matter, shall we? Our range or capacity for good or growth or evolution, whatever you prefer, is entirely dependant on our ability to accept duality. Your ability to grow is entirely dependant on accepting… Seek More