Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Awareness Of Contrast in Perfection


Comparison is often considered a bad thing, but is it a vital function to see perfection? It’s not a principle of comparison. Everything is in relationship to everything else. It’s just a matter of degree. It’s actually a need for contrast and awareness of contrast. By perceiving contrast, we are motivated to express our own potential more fully even if we judge the contrast to have a negative quality.

Duality is necessary for unity. There is much concern for unity in some popular spiritual circles yet little consideration is given to the necessity of opposites in order to have a full and fully infinite being. Unity arises as a shadow of apparent opposites.

Yes, unity comes from opposites. Hegel demonstrated that. It’s the only way to overcome paradoxes. And in fact, he demonstrated that evolution is always going on and tends towards perfection. Exactly. We end up with contradictions in our thought and life without the synthesis of opposites.

When a creature loses its compliment, something will evolve to replace the complimentary organism. Humanity has experienced this shift in balance from having eliminated many of its complimentary relationships. We instead give rise to our own predators from within our own species. That and we have created an environment that is perfect for viruses that specialize in infecting human beings.

Opposition becomes “man and anti-man,” to quote Sartre. I was just thinking of human predators. Well, still appropriate. In fact, it is the current popularity of the autism issue, but in that case it is mind and anti-mind. I am an example of the anti-mind category. I am obviously not mindless, but my neural architecture is not set up to handle things from the centralized function most people call mind. What this means is that I perform more like a computer than a “person” as people conventionally define the concept.

There is a higher mind that the mind and anti-mind have to sublate into. Indeed, we do share common ground. My own understanding of spiritual topics doesn’t come from a capacity for empathy, but rather observation of the patterns that link human beings and all life. For myself, it is all very systematic.

You share a common ground from the dialectical synthesis. Hegel thought the universe had to be consistent, totally coherent with itself, but it obviously wasn’t. So over time, the universe and humans evolve to greater consistency, opposites, like we’ve been discussing. Getting absorbed into a greater unity towards an Absolute, or, as you would say, Perfection — evolving over time. Even though in eternity, it’s already present. Excellent, yes.

Eternity is that hyperspace I have spoken of in some of my other classes, but even in that level of existence there is still a need for equalization of potentials across the various bubbles of potential we call universes. This is why the beings of that level serve the capacity of agency at all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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