'Transhumanism' Chapter


There are some core ethical concerns and answers behind transhumanist philosophy, but at the core of it is the notion of human control of human evolution. Much of what could go wrong should transhumanist goals succeed has to be addressed in cultural reform. So it isn’t just about controlling human biological evolution, but changing the conditions that would affect everyone’s quality of life. Transhumanism goes further in its human evolution model. Evolution of consciousness, augmentation of human intelligence and awareness, which could lead to even more clear and accurate empathy.

What this all might lead to is not the evolution of a cookie cutter humanity, but to multiple different “species” of humanity coexisting on our planet.

“We find that the tree of life is no longer a tree but a bridge whose final destination is yet to be dreamt in the minds of the builders.” Victor Cervantes

Human Control of Human Evolution

Is anyone familiar with transhumanism? Are you familiar with humanism? It’s a comparatively modern school of thought, created and supported based on the opinion that old models of human society and values have grown outmoded, or perhaps never actually had… Seek More

Life Extension

There are a good many areas of scientific research of interest to transhumanist philosophers. Transhumanism could be considered one of the more positive forms of scientism, which we are already living with to some degree. Perhaps the most easily considered… Seek More

Broaden Human Rights

In the Bible, weren’t Noah, Moses and others said to have lived for hundreds of years? There are even small fringe sects of Christianity that see transhumanist thought and science as the fulfilment of their vision of the world and… Seek More

Multiple Species of Humanity

Sometimes I think that misfortune is the only thing that humbles people. I could imagine that people with limitless powers would be quite arrogant and self-centered…. That view, I assume, is a humanist one? That is a humanist view, yes. But… Seek More

Human Is as Human Does

Would transhumanists be opponents to genetically modified food? They would be opposed to genetically modified food. Part of the concern is that genetically modified food would somehow infect those who eat it. And alter us as well? Yes. Epigenetic shifting was… Seek More

Up With Deliberate Engagement

I am still looking for intra-terrestrial intelligence. My own area of personal concern is meta-terrestrial. It’s what I have been monitoring, earth’s noosphere. Are there transhumanist and humanist debates there? There are, because most mainstream scientists are also humanists. Noosphere?… Seek More