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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Up With Deliberate Engagement in Transhumanism


I am still looking for intra-terrestrial intelligence. My own area of personal concern is meta-terrestrial. It’s what I have been monitoring, earth’s noosphere.

Are there transhumanist and humanist debates there? There are, because most mainstream scientists are also humanists.

Noosphere? The world has not only a biosphere, but a sphere of consciousness as well. Cyberspace? Cyberspace is one manifestation of that, yes. The energy of consciousness for me is a concrete phenomenon. I have even recently read about the concrete neurological basis for this.

For most people the processes that gives rise to awareness of the emotional state run through the “higher” brain, centers for facial recognition as well as others. For me, this information runs through the part of my brain responsible for the sense of touch. So smile at me and it feels like a warm pat on the back. Frown and it smarts like a pinch. The correlation is not literal, but it parallels that. For me, an idea is a physical object.

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Don’t upset me or I’m going to frown at you so hard. Well, I know how to return the favour as well. I understand people’s subconscious triggers often better than they do. So I just call up one of my constructs and use it to map my verbal and kinesthetic responses.

Have you heard of embodied cognition? It’s the theory, and there is credible material to support it, that the brains structures, and thus all its computational processes, are all shaped by the demands of the other structures of the body. You have hand thoughts and heart thoughts and stomach thoughts, all that.

Now for most people conscious awareness of this map is limited if not non-existent. So they aren’t really aware of how much the arrangement of their feet is affecting their train of thought. I am, and can, assume a physical stance that your mirroring nervous system will emulate, deliberately.

Some folks say that calligraphy, for example, can restore mental balance. I would believe that myself though I haven’t experimented with it.

Mirror neurons? There is a system of neurons that seem to be entirely involuntary at first glance. They only fire when the brain is modelling the behaviour of other people or animals. They figure it allowed threat detection.

So for our consciousness to reside in another form it would widely expand our range of thoughts, feelings etc. and therefore things like empathy would also broaden? Supporting the transhumanist view? Indeed.

A parting thought… There is a lot of rhetoric in spiritual circles about co-creating with life, right? A more poetic way of saying manifesting desired changes. Well, if that is good and even spiritually uplifting, would co-creating with the evolutionary process be any less ethical?

What is life BUT the evolutionary process? Excellent thought as well, so up with deliberate engagement?

Is choosing your mate only according to looks more or less ethical? Also very good question from the social point of view. I fell in love with my wife’s personality. I am still very much in love with her. I just had the additional plus of her good looks on top of it all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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