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Multiple Species of Humanity in Transhumanism


Sometimes I think that misfortune is the only thing that humbles people. I could imagine that people with limitless powers would be quite arrogant and self-centered…. That view, I assume, is a humanist one? That is a humanist view, yes.

But if we evolve beyond human we will be different in our attitudes. Transhumanism actually goes further in its human evolution model. Evolution of consciousness, augmentation of human intelligence and awareness, which could lead to even more clear and accurate empathy.

Doesn’t evolution do that to us? It hasn’t seemed to so far. We have the neocortex, but it has if anything amplified and twisted older proclivities to the point where we are barely respectable as a viable species.

Now what this all might lead to is not the evolution of a cookie cutter humanity, but to multiple different “species” of humanity coexisting on our planet. This has existed even without human intervention. Humanity coexisted and arguably coexists with other organisms that parallel humans. The world’s oldest cave painting was done not by homo sapiens, but by Neanderthals.

Transhumanism seems, in a sense, like “hacking” our own reality. Breaking out of the limits of it. That sums it up very well.

This raises another current issue. According to current social convention I am a “disabled” individual, defective, someone to be cured when they figure out how. But there is a school of thought that says the occurrence of people like myself is not a disease, but a manifestation of what they call neurodiversity. Not something to be cured, but instead to be understood and assisted.

So all the ADD and ADHD kids they are putting on drugs don’t need drugs. There are reputable psychiatrists that are indeed saying that. Meditative training seems to help address a lot of the issues they medicate these kids for. With cognitive enhancement that neurodiversity issue would become even more common. They are even looking right now at technology that can deliberately trigger the acquired savant syndrome phenomenon.

I assume psychic development would fit into Transhumanism? It would, yes, if it turns out to be possible and there are scientists who say emphatically that it is. I imagine humanists think psychic ability is nonsense or evil? They do, yes.

Some of the scientists that have pioneered the current BCI technology were and really still are passionate parapsychologists. If I had the money, I myself would purchase a Shiva rig to pursue my own practices.

What is a Shiva rig? Ah, there is a company that is now producing a commercially available version of what was nicknamed the “god” helmet. They sell the rig and the software to go with it.

It alters brain waves? Actually, no. It stimulates the brain and makes you feel like you are in the presence of god. Part of transhumanist thought involves the discoveries they are making in the discipline now called neurotheology.

Oh, the hypothalamus? That and the temporal lobe. My own are especially sensitive due to my genetic difference. It actually locks out distracting elements, sort of a limited sensory isolation. It targets that same region that triggers acquired savant syndrome also.

I wonder if it would cause psychosis like drugs do. I could see production companies requiring their artists to use such devices to improve their artistic ability. Ah, indeed. This technology has been found to induce cognitive dis-inhibition, allowing more freely associational thought.

But yes, transhumanism would seek to understand and even perhaps capitalize on these discoveries, designing social systems with allowances for human spiritual sensitivities. They take concepts like memetic engineering seriously, or semi seriously.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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