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When a condition is at the stage of thought, you can change your mind. When it’s become a feeling, it impresses the environment, and when it’s become an action, you are then stuck with the consequences.

First Controller in Natural Computation

Natural Computation

Ok, another bit of science. They have discovered “you are who you date”, meaning you tend to subconsciously adopt the character quirks and faults of a beloved partner not recognizing where you got them from. That’s just the most easily understood example though. Anyone you have rapport with, feel a natural sense of kinship with, will be absorbed into your subconscious self-image. Christians are to one degree or another Jesus, so feel forever crucified. Buddhists are to one degree or another Buddha, so forever feel the need to sit somewhere removed from most people, things like that.

Group consciousness? In a very narrow sense, yes.

One of you is angelic, so forever moving about to see things from the cosmic picture, very active person. Am I wrong? Get accused of being too open minded?

I am an allist. Yes, and makes people sometimes think you aren’t fully on their side? Or not know what to think about me.

This is a process playing out on the ego side of things that originally occurred on the core level. You discovered that your hand was not the rattle, that your mother’s hand was not your cheek. We begin making those distinctions with everything in a natural sense based experiential way, and the world communicates back to us at this time saying something along the lines of, “No… you aren’t yet, but you could be” and that’s how we arrive at our first self. It is a big part of prediction. Your conscious mind predicts one thing, that primal mind already intends another, and it has “first controller” on the video game console that is your imagination.

What is our imagination? Reality given a really messy paint job, but still reality. It doesn’t matter that you painted reality in bright orange and pink stripes and traced a crude rubber ducky off in one corner. The wall is still there, the door is still there, even if you painted over it and lost track.

What is the wall and the door? The wall is the physical plain, the door is the mind, and I don’t mean the brain and its habits or stupid pet tricks.

The core mind? Yes, also known as the eye of Odin, the eye of Horus. It goes by many names, usually associated with eye symbolism.

So we need a door stop to keep the door open? Indeed, a door stop can help. This is what spiritual and metaphysical practice is for, even simply contemplating the metaphysics of scientific practice works, drawing intuition from that, inspiration for further experiment.

So have I dealt adequately with natural computation and prediction?

Focusing on the open door. Well, focus works as long as you figured out first whether the door is push or pull.

It may be a sliding door. Even that’s important to know. I have had sliding doors slide shut on me.

It may be a revolving door that people get stuck going round and round in. Revolving doors are a possibility also. They’re actually rather common. Circular thought tends to be popular.

I have tried to pull sliding doors. They tend to be heavy.

I like the power doors that go ‘swish’ and open when you walk near them. Then they don’t work and you walk into them. Well, walking into the door is a very visceral way of getting to know the door. It makes it hard to forget it again.

Lately, I’ve noticed myself think ‘how archaic’ when I have to pull or push a door. We do have avocations at our core consciousness. It is possible that at your core you are an engineer.

I like the Far Side cartoon of a kid pushing a door that says pull, and the sign says School for the Gifted. I’ve actually seen it happen. I was briefly enrolled in a gifted program in school. My wife would have been but she was too busy making progress. She understood the educational system all too well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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