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There is stillness in the world and there is stillness in the mind. They echo each other. The observer and the observed.

Understanding Avocation in Avocation


If your calling is the philosopher, you function on meaning and principles, and if a situation seems to have no principle you feel lost. Me, I function on rhythm or cycles, flow. I function on chaos. When the fire stops burning then I wonder what’s up.

Creating chaos? Ah no, I don’t need to create it, and I’m not interested in arbitrary disruption of things.  But people do become very stable in fear states, and I do love disrupting those. Some get so caught up in the “sense” of their pain that they will defend the cause while complaining of the symptom. I get accused of being insensitive, but I am really sensitive to that negative stagnation.

“Argue for your limitations and they’re yours” and all that. Fight yourself and you loose. Knowing your avocation is about learning to not fight yourself. If you are chaotic or destructive, rather than resist it, accept it, and begin to follow that calling which isn’t the random crud that may have happened before clarity of awareness. Our avocation is out of balance when it’s out of awareness.

Control it? Know it, and learn to decide how you want to move across the stream, or in it, or even if you just need a break for a while.

A boss once told me I operated too much on principle. I was shocked as I had no idea that was even possible. And “too much” is a subjective judgement. This is why I’m talking about avocation today. Knowing it can let you understand even how much is too much, and well, if avocation sounds like invocation there is a reason. As well as evocation, they are all inspired. Your calling is the presence of the divine in you. Your avocation. Invocation is the realization of the divine presence in you, from which an understanding of avocation can arise, and evocation is otherwise known as manifestation, and works a lot better when you understand your calling or avocation.

Trying to know your own avocation so thoroughly that it is ultimately defined will just limit you in a box of your own making? Avocations are infinite, and is why I’m so keen on the subject today. If you know your avocation and begin digging into it, you will never bottom out. The cup of life that runneth over so to speak, and never stops flowing.

Without understanding, my own calling made my life seems like living hell. Through no choice of my own, life, the world, and everything in it looked very fragile, and I had a lot of “accidents”. I wasn’t directing the destruction, but the meaning is found in the context of the world itself. Callings can seem to be opposed. The builder who thinks they can’t destroy. The destroyer who thinks they can’t create. These are out of balance. I am as I described myself to be, but someone whose calling and nature seems to contradict my own is not my enemy. Quite the opposite, they are evidence of wholeness. Life, and the world, are very whole. If someone brings you chaos, it’s a crisis if you see it that way, or an opportunity if you see it that way.

If someone is giving you chaos, though it might not seem evident, they may be trying to give you something precious to them. That can benefit you if you see your calling also. If your calling is clear, than another persons need not be a threat. If anything, you can work together to do something truly transcendent. If I give you chaos, order it. If you give me order, I will expand it. Even if it might seem I’m deranging it, look a little longer. There is method to my madness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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