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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Be On Purpose in Avocation


If your life seems repetitive, don’t sweat it. It’s just your soul trying to give you a message. If you are out of connection with your avocation, life will seem very stagnant. Fake. This applies to everyone, because for you it’s true. You aren’t in touch with your own reality, so how can you be in touch with anyone else’s?

Now am I saying a vocation is beneath you? A job or career? No, not at all. If your vocation corresponds to your avocation, that’s great. If not, that’s fine, but I would invite you to consider what you are pursuing the vocation for. If it’s to support your calling, then perfect. Flip burgers if it helps you pursue your path. You are doing important work, and you will find your avocation doesn’t go away. You will do it with your co-workers, as well as your friends and family.

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Example. There are people who have a strong calling to be advocates, and yes, that belongs right along avocation, invocation, and evocation. The advocate sees and seeks to inspire other people to their avocation. Without even deep philosophical thought or even intention, it just feels right for them to do it, and they can feel down right uncomfy in their own skin if they see an opportunity and don’t take it. We all have something in life that’s like that though we may have been ignoring it. We can’t actually stop ourselves from doing it though, we can just choose to be in balance (or on purpose might be another word), or instead live with the denial and feel very lost and alone. Neither feeling very present or feeling anyone else’s presence. It’s not a good feeling at all.

Often we get trapped in living a loved ones avocation instead of our own? They feel disempowered. So, because the pursuit of avocation is so important they turn to a caregiver. This is very bad for the relationship and why couples are often so unsatisfied with their relationships. If you lose yourself, you don’t have yourself to give to your partner. If you don’t have that, then what are you really giving your partner at all?

Find your invocation, the presence of the infinite divine in you. Then pursue your avocation, the expression of the gift that you are anyway even if it isn’t trendy right now. Then accept an evocation in the world. People always say they want to talk to God. They say it in one way or another and it’s not really hard. The reason God doesn’t seem to be listening is because you aren’t. When you are on your avocation, or calling, it’s easy to see as the poem says that God was walking with you the whole time.

G.O.D. Good orderly direction. The world isn’t and has never been your enemy. There has just been some confusion and even the confusion is a gift. You don’t have to live with confusion, or you do, but if you’re living with it then who’s confused? I find when I live with confusion there isn’t much that’s confusing. Mostly just a lot of rapid learning, and I’m ok with that. Fight confusion, and life continues to look like babble. I’m not ok with that, but we do get there when we get there. Freedom is neither perfect order and definitions, nor perfect chaos and absence of focus. It’s the two together.

We find our avocation through invocation? We can. One of the easiest acts of invocation is simply meditation. Invocation isn’t something you have to do. Invocation = incarnation. It’s an act of the universe itself. Meditation allows seeing this action and knowing you don’t have to do anything about being. You just have to be, both in doing and in rest.

Avocation will be apparent in the ‘spaces’ you create in meditation? Yes, because your mind will do it on its own while you are “busy” meditating.

When you meditate, existence fills the empty space you create? Yes, and the space is only empty of noise. Like you can walk through a sound wave or dive through a reflection on water, you just get the opportunity to see that the sound and special effects aren’t really “real” anyway.

Instead of saying be well, I will say just, “Be, please be.”

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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