'Avocation' Chapter


Your avocation is what you find yourself doing even when you didn’t really intend to do anything at all. In hermetic terminology, it’s also called “true will”. Avocation is just ones “calling to action”. So you may have always suspected something about yourself, and dismissed it in saying “Ah no, that’s just silly”. Your first impression of yourself was right, the rest has been silly, but you can have that first impression again at any time. Right now, entertain that you have a calling. Feel it inside of yourself. It’s freedom, and realize that every time you felt free, it was because you were on that path and doing that very broad thing. Find your invocation, the presence of the infinite divine in you. Then pursue your avocation, the expression of the gift that you are anyway, even if it isn’t trendy right now. Then accept an evocation in the world.

“My object in living is to unite

My avocation and my vocation

As my two eyes make one in sight”

Robert Frost (American poet, 1874-1963)

Avocation vs. Vocation

Avocation is also known as ones “Calling.” We all deal with the realities of vocation in one way or another, but that is not the same thing. Your vocation is just gainful work you do because someone employs you to… Seek More

Way of Being

Destruction is sometimes the way to get the wall out of the way of a creative person, or destroy the philosophers principles so they can find better ones. The person whose calling is destruction, brings the gift of strength. The… Seek More

Self Discovery

Avocation = calling, or that which you find yourself doing even when you intended to do something else. If you feel your body is a gift to use to help others, that may be your calling. Some peoples magnum opus… Seek More

Our Calling

The topic is avocation, and we won’t be talking about your career unless it’s noticeably congruous with your nature, but this isn’t most peoples experience. Avocation is calling. It’s what we find ourselves doing even when we don’t feel we are… Seek More

Our Question

We all have one question. It’s really pretty easy to identify this one question. This question is about life. The question isn’t about ourselves.  A very young human being just sort of accepts that they are here and things are around… Seek More

Understanding Avocation

If your calling is the philosopher, you function on meaning and principles, and if a situation seems to have no principle you feel lost. Me, I function on rhythm or cycles, flow. I function on chaos. When the fire stops… Seek More

Be On Purpose

If your life seems repetitive, don’t sweat it. It’s just your soul trying to give you a message. If you are out of connection with your avocation, life will seem very stagnant. Fake. This applies to everyone, because for you… Seek More