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Nothing in your head is formless. Nothing in your head is without “words”. Is why in psycho-analysis they use word association, but it can be sounds or even body language. Just has to be language.

Way of Being in Avocation


Destruction is sometimes the way to get the wall out of the way of a creative person, or destroy the philosophers principles so they can find better ones. The person whose calling is destruction, brings the gift of strength. The person whose calling is fundamentally creative, brings the gift of possibilities and hope, but avocation is never a specific activity. It’s more your way of being active in the world in general.

What about a fundamentally inquisitive person?  Inquisitor is a calling. It‘s a powerful one. They help drive everyone’s learning. The inquisitor is often seen as frustrating, almost like someone with a calling for destruction.

The inquisition was a dark period. It can be overdone. Oh, it can be overdone, or not done enough, but this is true of all avocations. The most frustrating thing for most people regarding an inquisitor is that they are thought to point out the obvious. They usually aren’t. The inquisitor doesn’t see an “obvious”, so in that way they see clearly.

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The problem I have found with being an inquisitor is that society at large looks down on anyone that questions. True. As it does anyone who sees weakness readily, or responds to it for any reason.

Catalyst can also be a calling, serving as an actuator for self expression. Catalysts can see the world the way any other person can see it, including the unlearned parts, so they work well in helping people navigate their own stories, and tend to inspire the trust necessary to encourage the person to let them participate. Western values downplay this avocation all the while suffering for the lack of letting catalysts engage. Though a catalyst is a creative force, they do bring change, because in order for the persons story to stay the same it has to stay inert as many people report their life does. Thus the saying “same stuff, different day”. People take that as the norm, and even think they want it.

One’s avocation can also be the observer.  We need our observers as much as we need our inquisitors. The inquisitor seeks and comes back to tell us. The observer stays right here, and can tell us where anyone went, but is not responsible for everyone. Freedom of choice applies to everyone. An inquisitive type very likely doesn’t look into literally everything.

Is the observer in truth just a do-nothing?  Yes, and an example of the half-truth of doing things. We need that truth to be demonstrated. All this doing is only partially true.  Don’t just sit there, do nothing. It takes more than some people feel they have to not do something. I stop people from doing things, or thinking things, because when I help them, what they were doing or thinking looses its sense. At least until they see the origin of any sense it can have. I don’t break my promises, I help you break yours.

Anyone aware of the calling they answer no matter what they are doing? It arises from your nature so will happen regardless.

Is that their advocation? Oh, advocation is respect for avocation, and I feel it’s very important.

But couldn’t it be an avocation to insure a “standard” of living day to day? Oh, it can be and we need our stabilizers too. They are not opposed to catalysts, no more than destroyers are opposed to creators. Both play a part in the same dance. The stabilizer is the one who makes you feel like the world is still here, and everything will be all right. They do it even without platitudes. They do it in the one real way it can be done.

Your avocation is what you find yourself doing even when you didn’t really intend to do anything at all. In hermetic terminology, it’s also called “true will”. Avocation is just ones “calling to action”. It seems a bit mystical to some people, but it’s really pretty easily apparent. My definitions are just for the sake of convenience. People say I speak well, and are sometime surprised to learn that I speak well because I’m not worried about the words. Definitions can be helpful to bring your avocation into your conscious thought. That’s the only purpose. I personally don’t like jargon.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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