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Our Calling in Avocation


The topic is avocation, and we won’t be talking about your career unless it’s noticeably congruous with your nature, but this isn’t most peoples experience.

Avocation is calling. It’s what we find ourselves doing even when we don’t feel we are doing anything really at all, and it stems from our nature. We all know people who seem like natural mother types and father figures, but there are more “types” (for lack of a better term) than parental figures. There are creative types and organizing types, advocating types and voices of moderation, and yes it’s a good thing that there are more types, because they are needed.  As I have said here before, we are all part of a greater reality that we are not the direct authors of, and we are self directive but not self created.  When we look into our natures, we often find more “nature” than self. To a scary degree at times, and thus some human behaviours are characterized as animal.

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Nature as in things we just seem to be “born” with? Yes. You are one of nature. A many faceted body all serving their purposes, and you are also a being capable of an understanding that seems to transcend the greater body of the world itself. We are the seeing and knowing ones, and if we ignore the needs of the greater body we can wind up the very dead ones. We aren’t so clever as to not need natures support.

We are also capable of asking some seemingly very strange questions, like why, and “what is my purpose”? Avocation is investigating the answer to that last question.

I asked that once, and I was told the ego wants to know purpose. Oh, yes. That is often said. I will differ with that.

Nature gave us balanced bodies, sometimes balanced in ways that don’t make a lot of sense to us. And well, the source (whatever you care to call it) didn’t just give us inert flesh. It gave us senses, instincts, really an abundance of information, but we are busy thinking about it using “our own judgement”. This I feel is actual ego.

Humans are naturally curious about everything so it would make sense to be curious about ourselves. Yes, it does make sense.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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