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Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

Our Question in Avocation


We all have one question. It’s really pretty easy to identify this one question. This question is about life. The question isn’t about ourselves.  A very young human being just sort of accepts that they are here and things are around them. They don’t go much farther than that as far as purpose goes.

The question is about life, and although it is one question, not everyone has the same one question.

My question is “Why is this apparent?” My life experience seems to be filled with an awareness of the difference between the apparent and the real. A philosophers question is “What is true?” It’s a way to connect. Our one individual question, no matter what it is, is a way for us to connect.

Interesting. I do feel disconnected when I don’t see what is true. I don’t understand people. Without seeing your guiding principles in action you feel lost. For me, without seeing why something is apparent I feel lost. Often times we discover our one question, but only in the negative when we feel lost.

Anyone notice that your moments of despair seem almost annoyingly repetitive? The reason they are that way is because you really have only one question. Asked either in the affirmative or negative stance, it’s still the same question. This one question is both question and answer. Your one question is the essence of purpose.

Our despair are the moments when we ask the question and feel it isn’t answered? Yes, because it brings a sense of purposelessness. You can feel so bad you feel like you don’t even have a right to live. Those we keep in mental wards tend to be stuck in a question and failed answer cycle, and they are characterized by a narcissistic questioning or engagement even by medical standards. The crazy really want to know if you have seen Mickey Mouse, because they do feel threatened by him.

Your understanding isn’t “yours”. There is a lot of ego based on the idea that one might understand a lot, but if you do it’s not an action you took. It stems from nature, if you were listening really well. It isn’t really a special badge to make you a better person, but the person who does listen really well is often called to be a listener. We all know or know of people who just seem to understand us really well.

Ever find yourself in what seems like a totally new situation, but find yourself doing the same thing you always do? Well, insanity/hell is repetition, but these only have the negative impact when you lack the understanding of calling (or if you prefer self expression), because our way is our nature.

When we are exploring our one question, our lives make a sense that is even beyond conditioned thought. Our lives appear to have a flow to them. This has even been characterized as divine providence or inspiration. To use the example of the philosopher, she looks for principles.  But in this world there is a point where principles break down, and these regions would not bother her but they do stand in contrast to her one question. They are off her path.

Do you find there is one question that pops up most in the repetitive thought you feel stuck in?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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