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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Work with Being in Natural Computation

Naturalistc Comprehension

What about a woman who wants kids but later in her life, after she is satisfied with her relationship, job etc. Then at that time she should pursue child rearing.

But her body is limiting her till the age 35. What does she need to do? Listen to her body?  She should listen to her body and heart.

But what if she is not ready to do that but later, and her body is not listening. That’s a big problem for me, to be honest. She may have misidentified what she wants to do. Perhaps she never wanted to give birth. Maybe wants to shelter and nurture children.

Maybe also fear is stopping her? Fear is the mind killer as they say in the novel Dune. Fear is the mind stopping itself.

When we have nothing physical to fear we make something up. We actually orient on it. This is how we make sure things stay the same. It makes us feel more secure even if lonely and ashamed. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s go with the green thumb character again. You cannot force the flower. You cannot force being, but you can work with it. The reason I mentioned that you will do what you are but never be what you do, is because that flow of energy is what you are cultivating, working with. It’s what drives becoming. It is really our only strength, our only wisdom. In your seeking for answers, has anything outside of yourself satisfied all your questions? Can questions satisfy your questions? Can sensation satisfy your questions? Can motivation be your answer? Is it good to live, or do we live to find good? Can what you are be enough for you? If not, then how will you become anything?

You will change, have changed, grow tall and strong, or blighted and twisted. The force of being inside you moves that growth anyway. In that seed of being, you have a way. It’s what you always do in the end. Perhaps you always cry. Perhaps you have judged that crying. Judged yourself as weak, or perhaps you always lash out and now you feel guilty about that, and ashamed that it keeps happening. Maybe you can never seem to bring yourself to behave seriously in a way you judge to be mature, and those again feel shame over it. Has all this analysis gained you any ground? Can the sorrowful become happy? Can the wrathful become peaceful?

I think analysis is the beginning, then you have to come up with a game plan and implement it. People do that. This is why there are so many self help programs and psychological counselling. Psycho-pharmacy is big business. People still never quite work it out, do they? Can the fearful become calm? Can they be forced to be calm?

Perhaps they are going to the wrong people for advice. They always are going to the wrong people for advice. Can I make you be happy? Force you?

I found for myself that astral dreaming plus lucid dreaming is very helpful for my fears. And I would also recommend it as an adjunct for anyone who feels up to it. Some people find that practice too daunting.

For example, yesterday I was next to some big men and I stopped to picture and say to myself, “Why fear him.” I will disappear and be in peace. What would be the way someone becomes peaceful? Is it by analysis?

Take a walk. Walking gets the blood flowing and calms you. Taking a walk is excellent. We are bipeds. We can walk, and we want to move our limbs.

Can a sorrowful person become happy? What would be the way to become happy?

In time, yes. How much time? Time makes people happy?

Lots of sex. Intimacy, yes. Intimacy with being. Permission to be as they are. Permission to want to be with others. It is okay to want mama? It is okay to want love? Can we become happy without accepting desire?

Probably not. Well, I rambled quite a lot, so not sure I got to the heart of things. My apologies. I will ask, do you recognize a sense of a world beyond thinking? Beyond what you were taught or raised to believe?

What does a dog mean? My words mean nothing, a dog means everything. My actions mean little. What comes of them means much more. This is naturalistic understanding.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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