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Dream and Astral Travel in Astral


The subject of dream and astral travel is a bit complex, so forgive me if I have to cover a lot of theory. The subject is also a little broad. In fact, I will start with a little neural science. It applies both to near death (nde) phenomenon and hypnogogic states. Your brain actually processes sensory stimuli well before it occurs to you that you saw or heard it. And a process of pre-thought occurs that determines what will actually register to you as a conscious observation or not. The material left over is still experience and still logs deep in your subconscious mind, so in fact the “dream realm” is very close to your waking world experience.

Now in fact the astral is sort of a unified field of consciousness in which the things we perceive as ‘dream like’ do register. This is often why out of body experiences (OBEs) will sometimes crop up during the normal sleep cycle. The out of body experiences and dreaming phenomenon are related. In fact that whole level of consciousness is one whole domain of being. In the case of “ghosts” they are so enmeshed with a memory or waking dream that their behaviour can seem strange. Out of context with reality and thus they will behave as if you are someone they knew when still alive. It is sort of like a sleep walker, they are active but not in touch with current physical data. It’s a big realm of being. It is basically the unified field that science is looking for and doesn’t follow the time space curvature that we define our waking relationship to life by. Thus not only you but a “psychic” could experience the memory of your past. In Hindu mysticism this is referred to as the akashic record.

There are many realms of being on the astral and many types of being dwell there. It isn’t constricted by time or space, therefore it contacts not only earth but all its alternates. Other planets hypothetically. Though many of our elders (species wise) have advanced psychotronic technologies, and therefore alien contact isn’t quite so pedestrian as people seem to think it would be.

What does this all mean on a more down to earth level? Well it’s a big multiversity, and in fact your existence here in the flesh is just an echo of the source code if you will. Your morphogenetic field that guided your bodies formation exists on the astral. There isn’t a solid barrier between this plane and that. There is in fact no barrier at all. This existence is more of a state of mind, a degree of focus like deep hypnotic trance, then it is a state of being separate from the astral.

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  1. Live

    Its pretty amazing once you think about it on what our bodies are capable of.
    ive had a few expirences of haveing the “out of body expirence”
    its pretty cool actualy but kinda wierd at the same time XD

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