The trick is you think you were tricked. There is no deceit only paths to truth.

Dream of God in Cognitive Hierarchy

Cognitive Hierarchy

Shall we get down to the really way out metaphysics?

I am an engineer, an architect maybe. I deal in lies. I sell lies to those who will not see my product. The reason I say this is, every change of people’s point of view is a lie, but it all works with a domain of information that underlies all consciousness.

We don’t choose how information behaves in our environment. We choose how we order it and orient on it. We choose how we perceive it. Information itself is power. I don’t mean the abstract information of human reasoning, the human tendency to combine and recombine perceptions until they feel comfortable with them, I mean the information that gives rise to shared experience at all. Why it’s even possible to have a shared reality at all.

This domain of information is not in your body. It’s not an object you can see or touch around your body. It’s not even in the projected self that forms your experience of life as you know it, and it changes with your greater self awareness. You could say it’s written in the physics, in the volume of sound, in the atomic weight of the caffeine in your coffee cup, in the wavelength of the light reflecting off that flower. This isn’t just a accidental mix of unassociated energies that just happen to look coherent when seen by a human being. But if somehow you could see the information I am talking about, it wouldn’t look like cheesecake and roses, or rotten fruit and house flies. It looks like, for lack of a better term, geometry, space taken form. This sound too strange? Far fetched?

Like a wireframe? In a sense, yes, like a vast multidimensional web, but with more than simple euclidean vectors. It is by no means crystalline. It shows up as “impulse points,” patterns of stimuli that people process into their individual experiences.

Peaks of probability? Exactly. That crank complaining about the price of gas and the person saying they will be home soon with the donuts are not separate events, and these points reconfigure themselves in what could be considered an orderly, cyclical pattern, like a dynamic, circulating fractal pattern. These points are non-local, more like quantum entanglements in a loose sense, and every individual relates to each assembly of points in their own way, but every one consistent with the behaviour of that assembly or probability matrix.

My point is, you do have a relationship to them, and they either grind you, creating potentially intense stress and pressure, or they carry you smoothly into deeper self awareness. All I seek to do is iron out those frictions, and that always starts with a lie.

I’m not special in doing this. I think people do sometimes intuit this potential in any situation. Just because of my “gift,” if you will, my abnormal neural architecture, it’s perhaps a bit more clear, a bit more readily available consciously. Sort of like experiential math, if I gave you a set of dots on a piece of paper, could you make a shape by connecting them? Let’s say it’s a nice even grid.

It may not be the right one. That’s the point. That’s why you can choose. The “right one” isn’t about symmetry. It’s about contiguous flow, continuity, the ongoing reiteration or recreation of information, the “dream of god” if you will, and you are that.

What is necessary to realize is on that grid, in that mosaic of tiles, you can make any pattern, any picture, any shape you want. You just won’t be changing the medium. You change the spirit rather than the substance, and that spirit is the truth we are all seeking in any situation anyway. On the grid, yes, you could draw a square, but you can draw any polygon, and even a circle, a wave, a house and the ground it stands on. You can plot anything when that grid branches out into three dimensions.

Yes, reality doesn’t obey what you are thinking or wishing or feeling alone. It obeys your entire being, and it obeys the basis of being. The point in all this, that allows for stability, is you. Reality obeys the entire ground of all being, and you are part of that along with everyone else. But just as a cancer cell can in time kill the entire body, you can with your perception change the entire world as we know it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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