'Cognitive Hierarchy' Chapter

Cognitive Hierarchy

You cannot control your behaviour, directly. You do not decide on what course of action you will embark. You can control your perception, both consciously and instinctively.

We have a sense not only of our own well being, but of our relationship to the world around us. We cannot correctly perceive our own presence if we are cut off from perceiving the world around us. We cannot perceive our environment in an objective sense though. We perceive only ourselves projected onto the world.

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” Hans Margolius

Control Your Perception

Today’s topic is going to be a bit weird, but hopefully enlightening as well. I have some strange questions to start with. Can you decide to not feel pain? Can you decide that anger makes you happy? Or that fear… Seek More

Ethics is a Point of View

Does one person’s anger really look any different from anyone else’s? No. This is perhaps the reason we so readily describe people as clones or drones. We look at their behaviour in the form of fashion or expressive behaviour, or… Seek More

Ourselves Projected onto the World

So yes, we cannot control our behaviour, but we can control our perceptions. What does this mean really? Well, let’s look at perception. Our first and baseline perception is peace versus disturbance. Everything is ok, or something is wrong, and… Seek More

Interact with Your Own Perception

When we perceive that something is wrong, that perception is always that something is wrong with me. Is it not? Can you perceive something being wrong without personal involvement? Or maybe, the fear that something could become wrong with me.… Seek More

Dream of God

Shall we get down to the really way out metaphysics? I am an engineer, an architect maybe. I deal in lies. I sell lies to those who will not see my product. The reason I say this is, every change… Seek More

Thought Takes Shape

How do shapes effect us spiritually and psychologically? They make us think. Different shape, different thought. Every thought takes shape in our mind. Can you see a shape and not start organizing your thoughts? When you see a strange object… Seek More