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We do have a need to give love as well as receive it.

Astral Realm in Astral


The earth itself has an astral component. A realm of existence that would correspond to its very own astral body. In Shamanism, this is often referred to as the spirit world and even the departed don’t usually leave this psychosphere of the planet. This is in part why mediums aren’t actually very challenged in reaching them. They don’t go to some other world. It is more like a different sector of the earths memory and is still very comfortable for them. In fact, during the right seasons when life’s collective bio-rhythms are receptive, those two sectors of existence do enmesh though loosely. Thus the lore about Halloween isn’t complete nonsense, though the idea that alien and malicious entities are more prevalent at this time is actually mistaken.

Some consider all of this ‘weird’. But I’m just speaking of home. If anything, the weird place is earth. This existence and what manifests here is down right creepy. To see the translation of human thought forms to this medium we call matter and the overall disruptiveness and toxicity of it is scary. But in fact, humanity didn’t originally engineer all this and those who did are stepping in. Thus all the “alien” and “angel” and “demon” encounters. As Indrid Cold said in the movie the Mothman Prophecies when asked what he looked like, “Depends on who’s looking.” Human minds distort the astral medium and they reject much beyond a narrow set of energies they consider comfortable or holy. This doesn’t mean those energies won’t manifest anyway.

Angels and demons are both in fact daemons, and not all daemons have the same agenda. There are those who see this world as a big battery, and the life here as nothing more than a big resource and busily farm it for all the life force they can bleed. A parasitic and organized effort to funnel resources to their realm of existence. This is not really any different than humans treat their native neighbouring species. No big moralistic struggle. The daemons that actually had an initial vested interest in earth did and do work together. They both serve to play out human need for spiritual growth. The Buddhist great wheel in action. The only jailers are human themselves.

This is often why human religion fails miserably to change demonic possession or haunting. They honestly believe that their little mythos is an accurate reflection of the multiverse itself. There are a myriad of myths on this planet for a reason. There has actually been that diverse a reach of human experience, and it’s all a little bit distorted or even a lot depending on the culture and their agenda behind controlling knowledge.

It is interesting that a lot of what is reported in the old fairy lore is true. And there are some risks to venturing to obscure places in the astral. People can and do seem to become obsessed, and either yearn for or dread that realm of existence beyond the physical, and both are unhealthy attitudes. In fact, this existence here is a mercy or at least was before it became the madhouse it is today. Most other species of earth have more sense than to befoul what they need to live.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Astral Realm”

  1. James Clair Lewis

    It has become so normal for me to perceive things happening on the Astral, that I come close to forgetting that many people can’t see it at all. Once a Wiccan visited my home, and remarked upon the powerful Wards surrounding it. Well, I didn’t place those Wards there. The plants growing around my house did that. There is a very cooperative arrangement going on. I tend the Garden, and do for the plants what they can’t do for themselves, and they in turn take care of my needs. It has come to the point where Tomatoes, Lettuce, Radishes, Bok Choy and Heirloom Carrots are sprouting up in places where I didn’t plant anybody. Yeah, it’s a jungle out there! What has this to do with the Astral? Plenty! The Astral Realm is one quarter of the Universe we live in…

  2. Bashir Bomai

    First off,I do not ‘like’ mediums.I do not believe their “mumbo-jumbo” about speaking to disembodied ‘spirits’ behind the Veil.They do not have the necessary Vibratory Power nor “Permission” to access even the 1st Dimension(in Islam,we call it the First Heaven).Anyway,a disembodied Entity is extremely glad to be done with this plane and ‘move’ on,that such a Being does not have,nor want to regress by interfering in business that is no longer its own.Besides,any so-called medium that insists on calling out to a spirit that has “crossed over” is doing that Spirit a great diservice and is an irritation.Imagine swatting continuously at an annoying bug that refuses to go away!That is what mediums are.An irritation.Some of them end up badly but they do not know it until it becomes too late.One thing I am pleased about though is that some of my fellow humans have realised that befouling our “Testing Ground” is a great “Sin” and we only hold ourselves back by the madness in practice now.Especial in this regard are those who advocate and practice same sex.It is a continuous source of wonder(and research into what went wrong) in the Upper Planes,because no other entity engages in this odious activity but the human.Even our fellow co-inhabitants(on the Earth),the Jinn, are in continuous wonder at the extent of human folly,although they also have their own problems but they do not wilfully create such conditions but rather,they understand that these are challenges that must be overcome if an Entity is to gain “Promotion”,into the next Level(s)of existence.Their Scientists are highly advanced and have solved the problem of Light Speed(though I am not yet sure if they have been “Granted Permission” to engage in interstellar travel)In fact,I sometimes wonder why,being an old old species,they are still a bit below the human.I do not think it is fair.On the flip side,the human has a piece of the divine spark as his/her motor of existence.The Jinn however,are created from the initial fires of creation,something that is in close resemblance to GRBs but only that.Yes.The Earth is really weird.I admit freely that not all knowledge is within our grasp.We have been given but only a little.Perhaps,this is a good thing.In Islam,during the month of Ramadan(the 30 day Fast of Rejuvination-actually it is a 29 day affair),there is a night known as “The Night of Power”(Spiritual Power that is),the Prophet was shown the the time period of the Manifestation of this Night,but the Heavenly Hosts raised such a Loud Wailing in Divine Protest and Consternation at what they percieved as “Excessive Generosity” on the Part of the OWNER that HE was Honour Bound to “Delete” that particular “Inspiration”and when the Prophet awakened,he had forgotten TOTALLY what he had being shown only a few hours before.Beyond this,I can say say no more.I am impressed by the insight of Mr James Claire Lewis.It is true that Plants “assist” us in our struggle to live life with some measure of success before “Moving On”,if we choose to ask for this help-with the human,everything is a matter of Free Will.But,I am not sure this “Gift” is some kind of Blessing or not.I look at it with some measure of Trepidation.In fact, to me it is quite scary.Yes.The Earth is a weird weird place in which to exist.More goes on beyond our myopic perception than a lot of humans realise.Gardening or tending to Trees is a Blessed and satisfying activity.A “Gathering Place” is created for many Beings,seen and unseen.Every morning and evening,the birds and insects visit my trees or at high noon when the sun is hot ,the shelter that the young trees provide is priceless.When they wax green and fresh,I feel a great satisfaction.Peace.

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