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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

Intervention in the Ghostly Realm in Ghostly Realm


From time to time there is intervention in the ghostly realm.

Who intervenes? Are there natives there directing the tourists? Yes. There are guides on this level, baby sitters if you will, and even what might be called well-adjusted citizens.

Are the jinn there? They exist in a state just between that one and material existence. They are semi-incarnated, very matter like energy.

But yes, there are those who work in this shadowed realm to help resolve serious issues. It is sort of like radical case work being done among the living. This is why corrections officers often wind up seeming just as dark as their charges, even sadistic. It’s the reality at the level they are working at.

What if a child has seen one of your dead relatives in the house, but no one else has ever seen or felt anything. Do we need to do anything? No, not if that is the only thing that happened. Events like that are actually common place. To allow communication with the living, they have to “go into the closet”. I mean that in the sense of the archaic term, as in withdrawing to a quiet isolated place so they can focus on the living world again.

The child saw my grandmother checking out the furniture when someone else bought her house. They can come back for visits? Yes, and how often they do that is a matter of personal preference. It may even be tied to the issues they are otherwise handling appropriately, sort of like reminiscing over old times.

Hypnotism has been discovered to be a state of intense focus. The material world is, in a sense, a form of hypnotism. This is why our perceptions, and even thoughts and feelings, can seem so weirdly limited.

Normally, anything existing in that state of being is too preoccupied or unaware of us to do anything to us, but just as someone can affect our state of mood without saying or doing anything to us, so can they. This is why haunted houses seem to be places of such misfortune, even, if you like, cursed. That, and the ghost is doing the equivalent of screaming it’s projections of reality into the environment. So not only can it make you feel moody, it can subvert your perception to one degree or another.

Exorcisms that work use this same mechanism, screaming the intentions and feelings associated with their faith and spiritual state into that state of being. It puts the fear of God into them when it’s done that way, which sometimes doesn’t work, and in their terror, the haunting becomes worse. But there have been other ways of approaching the haunting issue.

Like convincing them they’re dead and to move on? Even convincing them they are respected and loved, and promising further interaction with them. But some old ways are long since passed, and those in that state of being don’t recognize the old social contracts much anymore.

Matter and energy have many mansions, to use a bit of Christian concepts, if loosely. So neither look here or look there for the Kingdom of God is among you, and it has many mansions, basements and attics, gardens and libraries, even hyper-states, like living in a community rather than a house.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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