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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Ghostly State in Ghostly Realm


No state of being is off limits. With sufficient intention, one can exist in the ghost state virtually indefinitely. The passage of time is largely irrelevant, but the state of mind that we typically associate with the lost and confused ghost doesn’t often persist for very long. Eventually, they become accustomed to their struggle. Their frustrations become anger, the anger can even become hate, and they can become very deeply buried in that state of being.

It sounds similar to some people still alive. You hit the nail on the head. The state of being doesn’t really require that one be dead. You experience the ghost state rather often, though usually only in brief moments. In states of heightened stress leading to exhaustion, that strange lucidity you experience after an intense crying jag, or the moment upon waking from a nightmare when you aren’t completely certain you are awake.

These often lead to what conventional science calls hallucinations, but hell… There is no difference between a hallucination and a sense impression so the distinction seems largely meaningless to me. For myself, I used to experience mild seizures, only sometimes leading to actual loss of consciousness. So my mind would linger in that traumatized state for longer periods of time than most, and really, there wasn’t and isn’t any actual separation for me. But that is beside the point.

That ghostly state has a sort of spectrum to it, bandwidths that have a sort of aura to them. It’s often very subtle, and can just as often register as a feeling tone that you associate with seeing a presence there. This is why ghost sightings are often so scary. You experience their fear and struggle, their strain to achieve a reversal of state that just isn’t going to happen. Physical objects take on a strange sort of ephemeral quality, as you see a house, and then no house, and then a different house than you are used to. They all exist there.

Do they just come by to say hello sometimes and then cross over? Sometimes, yes. The state of being isn’t evil or any such nonsense as that, no more than being alive is evil.

I saw my dog after he had passed away, but he didn’t stick around. He was just checking with you before running off. The same as he would have done in life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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