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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Dreams within Dreams in Ghostly Realm


Shall we venture into the ghostly realm?

Incarnating is like treading water. You have to invest a fair amount of your total energy into maintaining the physical state. Fortunately, reality as a whole is rather efficient at using energy, and thus we, for the most part, are unaware of this effort to exist. We are even helped to exist in this state by others. It’s really a mutual effort.

When circumstances require, the effort ceases. Let’s compare that to exhaustion, and we sink back below the surface of the water. We immerse back into the sea of energy that is all around us. But, this is no form of extinction as there is in fact no such thing as extinction, and the experience we have, when we are attuned to the material body and nervous system, continues to function as well, but in a different form. Energy contains information (read in-form-ation) on all levels.

Energy does not disappear, it just changes form. Exactly.

At first, being unplugged from the material state is disorienting, as we look for sensations and drives that aren’t there anymore. We don’t feel hungry or tired. We don’t feel any pain, and at first we don’t recognize what we are experiencing as anything other than our imaginations. The recently departed aren’t entirely lucid.

Now when this fever dream like state seems to persist for too long, the individual may become panicked and make a frantic effort to wake up. This isn’t possible of course, because there is nothing for them to wake up to. What they do sometimes achieve is a abnormal focus on the material state that allows them a partial awareness of what they expect to see.

They see our world? They see an echo of it. The material world is an event disturbance, like a sound echoing throughout the multiverse.

Like the ghost who sees the house the way it always was when they lived there? Yes. This is why objects persist over time. No previous object ceases to exist.

They see our material reality, but in a distorted way? Yes. They can even see traces of the living presences they expect to see. It’s a very uncomfortable state. Given time and emotional exhaustion, this strained state of existence may give way to what we would consider a deeply immersive lucid dream where they are able to establish communication with others who exist as they do, and make some progress in resolving issues that linger from their former life. This lucid dream has virtually infinite iterations, dreams within dreams. For all intents and purposes functioning as if they were different places though they don’t have the quality of space or distance. Again like dreams, where we can suddenly go from a ship out at sea to our living rooms.

How are they dreams in dreams? Because all minds exist in a state of relationship with each other, sharing a common light, sort of like all souls holding hands, but without any force involved.

I’m reminded of the Robin Williams’s movie, “What Dreams May Come It’s a good movie, and writers often do extensive research before writing even fictional screenplays.

But is everyone dreaming his own dream? They are, and can share to the degree they choose. Those minds that are intimate with each other would seem to transition seamlessly between states.

If you see someone in a dream, do they see you too? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Sometimes, what you see when you think you see someone is an extension of yourself, but you can know when you are actually seeing a person because it registers in the same way as physical encounters with that person. It is deeply engaging rather than having the fuzzy quality of memory. You touch this other person on multiple levels.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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