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States of Being in Ghostly Realm


The separation between matter and energy is also itself illusory, and everything we experience as having happened in this material realm also happens on these other realms, though there is a discontinuity as involves the issue of time. We think of before and after, present and past, but these things only apply to the material state of being. This is why the dream like state seems so weird and complex. Our dreaming minds have to try and depict events and processes that occur as a dimensional amalgam.

No time in dreaming state? Exactly.

Is this why it’s hard to remember dreams at times? There is no timeline to make sense of?¬†Likewise so.

But there is sequence in dream? There is a sequence as there are patterns of form and relationship, just not progression as we understand it.

Maybe stated a bit more simply, dreaming is not something you do, something you make up, it’s a state of being you tune into for a time, just as you tune into this state of being while awake.¬†What we call different states of mind are no different from states of matter or energy. They are all just states of being.

So dream is there without us, then we jump in and experience it? In a sense, but you are actually never out of the dream. A lot of your waking experience is impacted by the dreaming state.

Just tuning then. Yes. Just for a time we attend primarily to the dreaming state. This is why we have so much of what people call irrational behavior. Though your normal conscious thinking provides you no reason for your reaction to the event, nothing in you lets you see it any other way.

Dream state is stronger than normal thinking, always? In the big picture, yes.

Can we control dream? With increased awareness, yes. The same as we might control autonomic processes in our flesh and blood.

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Travis Saunders
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