In every practice you find a shadow. But purity is not reviling any part of life.

No Separation Between States in Ghostly Realm


We are talking about the ghostly realm. It’s commonly talked about, but perhaps without much clarity. Maybe we can add some.

Some think of the ghostly realm as some plane of existence removed from our location in real space, sort of like an alien planet or something. But space has more depth to it than people’s perceptions typically allow them to feel, and not in a way that is commonly recognized.

The human mind shifts its pattern of function quite radically all throughout the day and even while we sleep. The process that manifests as dreaming while we sleep continues even while we are awake, but our typical patterns of focus create something that is by some called a veil, a sort of illusory refraction of things present in the world, that our brains can understand.

Our normal consciousness has its basis in principles that precede the formation of individual brains, even precede the development of DNA, and by default, our organic development conforms to laws that are not commonly recognized as of yet.

If you ask the question, Which came first, life or death? The answer, though it may seem strange, is death. Why death? Well, at first the death of stars, the dispersal of their energy out into the surrounding space. As each state of matter lost more of the quality science calls energy, it came to take on forms that would not have seemed possible at first. Entropy is also sometimes called heat death.

Or both at same time? That is a legitimate argument. I mean to present a sequence more for ease of consideration than anything else.

The death state is essentially the higher energy state? Yes. It is closest to the zero point field, and ultimately goes beyond it as well.

The early state of consciousness was dreamlike, as the systems that would allow for consciousness as we know it needed time to emerge. So awareness was more a pattern of strange intuitions of form, rather than physical forms as we know it. This level of consciousness has not ceased to exist, and there is no actual separation between level of consciousness and state of being. Human consciousness is only possible because of the human state of being. To consider state of being, as separate from state of awareness, is meaningless.

Does this mean that we can’t really understand something unless we are it? Basically, yes.

Each body reflects it’s kind of awareness. And we have many bodies for common consideration, countless cells. In a lifetime, we have had enough bodies to account for the long string of lifetimes people sometimes speak of just in the string of persistence that we call a single life. Likewise, we know not one death, but countless deaths, as the energy and matter that comes together to embody us for the moment passes away again in short order.

What has the dreaming state of consciousness now? Is it part of human consciousness? It’s earlier than human consciousness, and is the background on which the event, called by some the collective human unconscious, plays out. It’s unconscious, of course, only from a limited point of view,

So does our awareness change as our physical body renews itself continuously? It does, yes, and it draws from the extended consciousness to update its own. This is why we dream.

Hand in hand? The processes mirror each other, yes. Progressing hand in hand as all events do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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