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Normal comprehension is normative thought. It’s a virtual reality at best.

Life Force Trick: Imitation in Life Force

Life Force

The second life force trick, besides ecstasy, is imitation. You can get a sense of your own power through imitation, because there is nothing outside of the life force for you to imitate. By imitation, I mean imagination, but imagination taken back down to earth without all the thought baggage.

You do it as an involuntary reflex. Ever notice, that despite yourself, your thought pattern always changes when your location and specific activity changes? Even if you fight it, the more you engage the changed place and different set of people, the more “gravity” you will feel, more of a pull to fit where you are and who you are with. Is this delusion or dishonesty?

But like a child learning to walk, you get wobbly and grab on to the first thing that seems stable and refuse to let go. You think that the stable chair is what you need, because you haven’t really experienced walking yet. But that space you feel yourself in, that state of being you feel yourself occupying, has dimensions. It has depth and substance. There really is another chair, even in the same exact state of being you are exploring.

It’s a necessary step in the process, but the training wheels need to come off if you are to progress. Yes, it is a necessary step, but there is an even simpler one. Children do it, and we can on this level also, just for fun. You don’t need to have a map of the entire state of being. Find one object, like the infant finding a parent’s shoe, or one of their toys, something new. Ever notice how they react to that? They often act like it’s brand new. In fact, the different facets of a state of being are not really new, but playing with the feeling of novelty helps you get a sense of progress.

You have inherited the entire landscape of every form of life that has ever known that state of being, so when practicing imitation, look for something you believe you are not. What is tree lust like? What is fly worry like? What sorrows does a rock know?

You have iron in your blood. You have matter that is found all throughout nature. Each element is its own state of being. You have countless quantum states, endless probabilities, but don’t get in over your head too quickly. Consider cat politics, and what wind thinks of the weather. You will feel something. At first it will feel like you are making it up, and you will want to reject some of the notions. That’s good, trust it. Go with your inner sense of the world, because you will discover that as you move deeper into this process, it is a coherent world. There is a reality that does have a rhyme and reason to it.

Those hurricanes get all the attention, but we trade winds are much more important. Yes, wind egotism.

You will find things your mind doesn’t want to reject. Even more disturbing, at least at first, you will find things your mind refuses to reject. You won’t have a choice, and as you keep revisiting this process, scanning it like you scan with your eyes, you will notice it changes. It will make more sense, and it will begin to merge with your previous sense of reality. What do you think so far?

It sounds like what a fantasy/sci-fi writer does, explores new concepts and delves deeply. Yes. We all write. We just write in our brains, and we all write what we know, because that’s what knowing is, remembered observance. In time, it becomes journalism.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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