'Life Force' Chapter

Life Force

If there is life and it shows up in matter, then perhaps all matter has or is some measure of life. If consciousness is an emergent quality of the function of the brain, then consciousness is logically an emergent quality of the life force. Then any physical behavior is a behavior of the life force. If every physical process is a function of life force, then our own biological and psychological processes wouldn’t have much to distinguish them from gravity or light, would they? This might explain why life, as it’s commonly defined, would seem so oddly well suited to detect and interact with physical forces, light waves, sound waves, gravitic waves.

Life has not a mess of disjointed systems, but a single immense and diverse system. Your personal life, your personal energy, is connected to all the energy around you.

“We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.” Alan Chadwick (American proponent of organic gardening, 1909-1981)

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.” Martha Graham (American Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer of modern dance, 1894-1991)

Measure of Life

To begin the subject of Life Force, some terms need to be defined and agreed upon. Are we in agreement that there is such a thing as life and things that could be called living? And I will be using… Seek More

Emergent Quality of Life

Shall we discuss consciousness for a moment? They say that consciousness is an emergent quality of the function of the brain or nervous system. I will grant them that argument. It’s fairly useful for understanding significant parts of human experience.… Seek More

Path of Least Resistance

I will accept that life is shaped by the physical forces, which I suggest are also life force, and yet living things don’t completely conform behaviorally to the physical forces. They don’t develop strictly along the path of least resistance.… Seek More

All Behaviour is Sentient Behaviour

Of course, there’s sentience. The question is how far does it go? Are rocks sentient? I will offer an idea. Take it for nonsense if you wish. If all matter is the same, and some matter is alive, then all… Seek More

Things Transform as Wholes

We give every evidence of being self-willed creatures, if that only means we can establish limits for our own behavior on the physical, psychic, and spiritual levels. But to human perception, does reality seem to be what we would call… Seek More

Rules are your Function

I’ve been struggling with getting my head around this lately. That what has been the foundation of my life, the ‘rules’, can just be shifted by me. It’s actually a bit distressing. The only rules are your function, but you don’t… Seek More

Life Force Trick: Ecstasy

Now let’s keep it simple. Infants need a rattle, and a mobile, things to examine and interact with that don’t scare them. Ever do that trick where you wet your finger to feel the wind direction a bit better? You… Seek More

Life Force Trick: Imitation

The second life force trick, besides ecstasy, is imitation. You can get a sense of your own power through imitation, because there is nothing outside of the life force for you to imitate. By imitation, I mean imagination, but imagination… Seek More