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Emergent Quality of Life in Life Force

Life Force

Shall we discuss consciousness for a moment? They say that consciousness is an emergent quality of the function of the brain or nervous system. I will grant them that argument. It’s fairly useful for understanding significant parts of human experience.

So if consciousness is an emergent quality of the function of the brain, or whatever the organism has that acts like a brain, then consciousness is logically an emergent quality of the life force. So, we refer to processes that produce behaviors in our environment as forces.

And if all things have life force, then all things have consciousness. Yes.

We speak of the force of gravity, the force of inertia, all the physical forces, if life is somehow a fluke, an accidental interplay of other forces… Then why would it persist?

When do you think it first emerged? At the same time as the other forces? Yes. It’s even persistent enough that now it’s repeatedly defied accepted theories of life.

Then by current scientific theory, there should be a particle that holds the life force. All particles hold the life force. All waves are a heartbeat.

If all particles hold the life force, then maybe it’s the force that connects them all. Indeed, organizes them also, and is why things are so neat and quantum.

So with these ideas in place, then any physical behavior is a behavior of the life force. Now if every physical process is a function of life force, then our own biological and psychological processes wouldn’t have much to distinguish them from, say, gravity or light, would they? This might explain why life, as it’s commonly defined, would seem so oddly well suited to detect and interact with physical forces, light waves, sound waves, gravitic waves.

How are we using the term “Life Force?” Life as an acknowledged entity, and force as an observable pattern of action in the environment.

There are so many different senses to life force, life as living creatures, life as the highest value, “life force” as the energy fields that surround you, as your morphogenic field, etc. I have so far been taking a reductionist view of it, not discussing any single specific life force model, though we can as it might seem appropriate.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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