If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Set in Motion in Inertia


Today, I am talking about inertia. Some would insist on a sharp division between physical principles and spiritual principles, but for myself, I have always found the best evidence of spiritual principles in physical reality, even if the correlation may not be literal.

Is inertia like when something moves, like in a pinball game? That would be momentum, but inertia is the tendency that the thing once in motion will stay in motion unless something acts on it.

Like a pendulum? Yes.

Once we get into a mood, we tend to stay in that mood until something redirects us. Very true.

What is the first mood we feel? The first mood we feel is shock, if you mean in physical existence. Perhaps another word for the mood would be wonder.

I still haven’t gotten over the trauma of birth. Excellent. Means you are more in touch with reality.

So how does inertia relate to spirituality? Inertia is established as soon as that very first event that gives rise to a human life happens. The causes, material and whatever other agency, acts on the conception of a new human life, establishes an imprint that will last that beings entire lifetime, and possibly came about from actions set in motion even before that person’s lifetime.

Now if somehow you could suspend this new life outside of the influence of any other factors, it would play out its life processes in what might seem a rather mechanistic way. This life in suspension could be observed to exhibit a behaviour we might call fate. Its range of growth and expression would be constrained by the fact that it has no contact with any outside force or being, but no such way of existence is actually possible, if for no other reason than the chain of energy of action or events leaves one end of the conception process open. The initiating force that leads to the emergence of a new human being is a complex web of interacting energy, and those threads vibrate with the energy that gave rise to you. Any effort to wall a life off would cause a destructive resonance that would tear down any such structure or situation, and it always does. Has anyone had any luck locking down their life? The effort to isolate oneself in a self-created bubble condition.

I’ve been watching that TV show Touch. It’s a great way to study spiritual inertia. The boy helps people get where ever they need to be, using numbers as a code that his father used to meet up with these people, all random at first, but you get to see how the outcome could never have happened if one thing didn’t happen as it was meant to. The story follows people all over the world. One stop in inertia can touch everyone. Reality can seem very delicate.

There is a video featuring a super string theorist. The theorist has found code in his equations of the universe that are identical to error correction code in programming. Even according to the physicist, reality won’t let itself be broken.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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