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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Path of Least Resistance in Life Force

Life Force

I will accept that life is shaped by the physical forces, which I suggest are also life force, and yet living things don’t completely conform behaviorally to the physical forces. They don’t develop strictly along the path of least resistance. Why is that?

Will, intention, act of creation? Life is the opposite of entropy. Objects follow life as they would gravity. Life IS the path of least resistance, and the same as rolling down hill is the path of least resistance for a rock.

Life has not a mess of disjointed systems, but a single immense and diverse system. Each thing behaving not to serve any single component, not defined by any single primary force, but manifesting diversity because life itself is an inherently complex force. Perhaps like a fractal pattern, but not as simple as fractal recursion. This is perhaps why no single intelligence emerges to claim overt authority in relationship to everything else, because anything that might behave in that way is neither self-sufficient nor self-perpetuating. It would require that it be able to distinguish itself from any other manifestation of the life force, and really would require a localization and therefore a limitation of consciousness. Yet does reality deny intelligent action? Is nothing sentient in our universe?

It would have to be ‘above it all’, i.e. an outsider? Indeed. That would somehow have to be necessary. It would have to be disconnected from the life force to be above it or an outsider to it, therefore not alive. So are we all merely figments of our own imagination? So is there no such thing as sentience?

Imagination is the connection to the collective unconsciousness, so we probably are all figments of our own imagination. Which negates the figment concept by itself.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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