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All Behaviour is Sentient Behaviour in Life Force

Life Force

Of course, there’s sentience. The question is how far does it go? Are rocks sentient?

I will offer an idea. Take it for nonsense if you wish. If all matter is the same, and some matter is alive, then all matter is alive. If some living matter is sentient, then sentience is a behavior of matter, and since all matter behaves the same way, then all matter is sentient. All behavior is sentient behavior.

Even Republicans? Even if all matter is sentient, that doesn’t mean all matter is reasonably responsible.

If all behavior is sentient behavior, then stimuli we react to are sentient signals, no different than thought. If learning is memory and recall of previous stimuli, then imagination is innately linked to the point of being synonymous with matter.

There is no accepted physical basis for human memory yet. There is no biochemical reason they have found that you should remember anything about your past, or in any way retain any aspect of your consciousness from any previous moment, yet these things do happen.

Now reality is persistent. Accepting the previous parameters, the forms and behaviors of reality are as much a part of the human consensus reality as are human communication and thought. We interact with them as a matter of reflexive agreement. We need the physical behavior to remain consistent in order for our own awareness to remain coherent. Simply put, reality keeps us sane, or at least it can. There is no getting around this.

I couldn’t live without my reality. Indeed, reality is a good thing. But we can change our relationship to reality. Every ability we have, we have as a manifestation of the behavior of life force, and we can align our own life force in ways that don’t really serve our proper connection to, or comprehension of, the life force around us. Like putting your hands over your eyes and insisting it means it’s impossible to see. For as long as you insist on that, then it is true. It’s generally not possible to use eye organs to see through hand structures, but does this really reveal what we would consider a limitation? Limitations being absolute rules.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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