'Jinn' Chapter


Two species were created whom were given the power to choose what path they would take in life, humanity and the jinn. The jinn, though they lack an actual body, appear to take many different forms and are considered to draw their substance from a force they compare to smokeless fire. Just as it is seen that humanity was given dominion over the material world, jinn were considered to have an equal command of the unseen or invisible realm.

The jinn would be beings that for lack of a better term incarnate in the unseen world of the cause and effect web. On wish granting, one could gain favours from the jinn the same way one gains favours from humans. But the jinns favours seem magical because the jinn live in the unseen component of our world. Operate behind the scenes and can change things about the world we can’t because they change them from the other side.

“Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny? He created man from dry clay like earthen vessels, And He created the jinn of a flame of fire.” Quran (c. 651 AD)

“And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should serve Me.” Quran (c. 651 AD)

The Hidden

In the lore of our eastern brothers and sisters, there was not one intelligent species created, there were three. The angels were created as agents of God, but not given a will beyond immediate service to God. But two other… Seek More

Idea Potential

Shall we look more into what the lore of Jinn might all connect to or mean? Ever notice parts of your mind seem to have an a lost independent will? Like as much as you might be disgusted by it,… Seek More

Evolving Jinn

It’s important not to confuse jinn with angels. The angles are the agents of the cosmos, sort of programs in a sense that govern the perpetuation and repair of divine order. The jinn have no such compulsion. Again, it’s important… Seek More

Magic Genie

I guess the magic lamp is a Hollywood version of a jinn? There is some basis for the magic lamp in ancient lore, similar again to the spirit vessels in African practice. Jinn were legendarily thought to be mortal, but… Seek More

Dwellers Between

Is a jinn an entity or an energy field? Entity that lives in an energy field. A quantum domain if you will. The dwellers between. The Assyrians even called them that. The lurkers on the threshold. Does a jinn actually… Seek More