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Dwellers Between in Jinn


Is a jinn an entity or an energy field? Entity that lives in an energy field. A quantum domain if you will. The dwellers between. The Assyrians even called them that. The lurkers on the threshold.

Does a jinn actually grant wishes? They could, but often they would just want to kill people, and from time to time it was said they would. The jinn tribes made war on humanity by causing sand storms and plagues.

Could they fully manifest in our reality? Only temporarily. They don’t like it and find it disorienting. This is why the legends describe them as so easily confused by human trickery. The logic of the material world doesn’t quite click with them.

They would probably give people exactly what they wish for and laugh when they realise it was a mistake, or the person didn’t ask properly. Ah yes, in that sense the jinn tribes had stuff in common with the fey. Living under the earth or in the sky and being older than humans, lacking empathy for them, at least some of their people that is.

Jinn were considered to have definable living spaces, but they didn’t live in the literal structure. They lived in its spiritual counterpart. This is perhaps why people report seeing ghostly buildings sometimes, or ghost ships. So back in the day you had a hearth in your home, the jinn was said to live in your hearth. They just lived on the “other side” of it.

Different vibrational reality? Yes, parallel to ours and affected by what we do in ours.

Like the other side of the mirror. And they were considered to be visible in mirrors. This is the source of the magick mirror story. That face that was thought to show up and answer questions, but it would most likely appear to be your face just animated on it’s own. This would be your twin jinn. This is what got translated later into the term familiar spirit when the Bible got Latinized and spread around. Familiar was meant literally, of your family.

Because it was using your reflection? It’s reflection was your reflection. You are it’s reflection.

Is this a part of your “soul”? More like parallel reproduction of spirits. Your own spirit birthing an echo though your echo is a citizen of the world of the jinn.

Like a ripple? Yes. This being that looks like you lives with the elder jinn and obeys their laws. This is why the image in the mirror often seems to have subtly different traits from you, usually animalistic features. This is why they depict “devils” as animalistic humanoids. There is a book in the Koran that goes into this in more detail.

Perhaps an important thing to remember is that they themselves have said they are not one nation, and there are good and wise beings among them as well as evil. The same as with humanity.

These beings are offsets of us in parallel realities? Yes, and set to meet the same ultimate decision point our world is. The “end times” as the Koran and Bible relate it. Perhaps it’s the same as the 2012 event.

But yes, again on wish granting, one could gain favours from the jinn the same way one gains favours from humans. But the jinns favours seem magical because the jinn live in the unseen component of our world. Operate behind the scenes and can change things about the world we can’t, because they change them from the other side.

Can we communicate with our jinn? Yes. As for communication, they can be channelled. They show up in scrying practices. They direct natural omens, usually elemental in nature, and since they live with us they hear us quite easily. They have the same potential to go to heaven as humans do according to the Koran.

The jinn don’t dwell in the heavens as the angels do. The thrones and principalities were considered agents of the angelic hierarchy. Also known as the zonei, the angels were considered to serve as rulers of the world and as balance keepers in a more abstract or absolute sense, like a county judge, or supreme court justice in the case of the arch angels. The angels are said to have their own language even in written form, and being older than the human languages, this might be the basis for so much of the language parallels in human cultural development, again the teacher role. Most think it may be the root of Sumerian.

Anunnaki? The jinn were often seen to manifest as black serpents, and be big illusionists though I don’t think the illusion is all their doing. They also are said to manifest as black dogs and men in white robes as well. The word jinn is plural. Jinni is singular.

It feels like jinn is more complex than the legends say. Yes, as most of the life forms that go about on our planet are. Our earth is swiss cheese even physically. Lots of room for other things.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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