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Shaitan Lore in Shaitan


Today we talk about the shaitan. The adversaries from the jinn nations. Their leader was said to be a being by the name of Iblis. Iblis is pronounced roughly i-blee, and unlike the contemporary concept of Satan, Iblis was only granted permission to communicate with humans, whisper to them. Originally, Iblis was the most devoted servant of the mortal races. For all intents and purposes a saint, but he had his fall when God created humanity. Though he loved God, he held himself and his kind to be higher than humanity though God declared otherwise. Iblis was condemned to sheol, but got a stay of execution, so to speak, until the day of judgement that all beings face, according not only to Islam but to Judaism and Christianity as well.

Now the shaitan actually have a responsibility on the earth as the “devil’s advocates”. The devils in this case being non-believers in Allah. What this means on the wish front is that only the righteous hope for trustworthy allies among the jinn, but anyone may make a wish, so to speak. Just for some, the wish plays out in the most perverse way possible.

So this is the lore as it stands. In the belief of Islam, people are tempted to sin only because of the power granted to Iblis to whisper to the souls of humanity. The choice to obey the suggestion is still that of the individual. The devil according to their belief cannot literally make you do anything.

The devil on your shoulder? Yes.

So the devil in their belief is a fallen jinn and not a fallen angel? Is that the case in other beliefs? Not recounted that way in Christianity and most belief systems don’t have a devil in the sense of Islam and Christianity. The reason for the confusion perhaps is that Iblis’ devotion was considered so great as to have raised him in holy standing to the level of an angel.

Is that right to correlate the devil and angel with your conscience? Is conscience your choice making system? Yes and no. The actual lore doesn’t really support that model. Angels are intelligences but they are not “souls”, not capable of free will. Angelic contact would be more along the lines of having a cosmic principle act against you rather than have a personality argue with you.

Angels are sort of like nannies working for the parent. Yes. They handle individual aspects of creation where God serves as the overall judge and decision maker. A sort of a predient of the universe, and the angelic hierarchies being the cabinet or officers of the administration.

Do they correspond to stars? Stars among other things. There are earthly angels as well. All that exists is said to have an angel that governs its natural order, and angels serve as the eyes and ears of God. The jinn only observe things from their own point of view and for their own purposes.

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