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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Mischievous Jinn in Shaitan


Shall we go into what shaitan lore might mean in today’s world? On to possible correspondences.

It’s a common experience to feel that someone or something has taken notice of our actions. It is sort of hard wired to the point that it’s been established to be the human default regardless of religious upbringing or lack there of. The other hard wired facet of human consciousness is a default teleological understanding of everything in our environment. We believe instinctively that everything is “for” something. That everything has a purpose, including us.

Now many would choose to interpret this as a meaningless evolutionary glitch. If accidentally useful, still supposedly a fluke. I don’t fully agree. In my experience, human interpretation is often over dramatic, half baked, and blindly misguided. But the instinct and all relics of human essential nature are seeds of elemental and profound truths. We were able to domesticate animals, and even plants, from notions that today get lumped into theory of mind.

Early rituals, even in farming cultures, were either aimed at communicating with the plants themselves, or some spirit that was thought to govern the plants behaviour. It was only by our ability to see “mind” in our world that we have science and civilization at all, no matter how silly materialists may think it is. What do you think friends?

It certainly makes for a more interesting world if you see everything as having consciousness and personality. You can’t really make intelligible sense without it. We can’t undo what nature did to our brains. All of our thinking is based around theory of mind.

I saw a story on that. The grapes in a vineyard grew 50% bigger when the farmer played music near them. The farther away ones didn’t grow as healthy.

I was reading about a hallucinogenic plant in Peru that only worked if you took it with another plant, and the people said the plants told them to take them together.

I saw a garden, I think in Britain, where the gardeners paid homage to the earth spirits and the plants grew enormous. Findhorn. A farming community, earth living project. It’s the name of the place. I have heard it’s quite successful.

The Hopi say they live in a place without enough rainfall and harsh growing conditions to show their magic. It is established that they didn’t originally live there, even in their pre-Caucasian contact history.

So even if it’s just a mind trick we play on ourselves, it still activates the correct awareness in our brains to let us learn from our environment and make the most informed decisions.

Now how this relates to jinn and shaitans is this. Ever have one of those experiences where you knew there was not a single human soul around but yourself, yet it felt like you were in a room of people? Is it rare?

This phenomenon is part of the inspiration behind ancestor veneration. This experience has a range of variability, and differs depending on place, but it’s also often noted that these “human” presences often later display inhuman traits.

Many people have likely trained themselves to block it out, and the jinn also have limited perception of humans as well. The jinn communities live in close relationship to the human, but which portion of the jinn community responds to you may differ. Ever notice a change in events when you feel these presences? Weird flukes of luck or freak accidents?

Luck yes, things going how I want. It’s like I’m in sync. The jinn activities parallel the human. When you go to the bank a jinn does the equivalent. A shaitan is a mischievous jinn. They are a jinn that mocks you rather that supports you, and by mock I mean over exaggerated imitation.

So your state probably magnifies, like when a day starts bad and escalates? Yes. This is the behaviour of a shaitan.

Are there djinn jails? How can we report them to the djinn police? That’s an excellent question. There were old ceremonies that used to be used, but the basic principle is simple. A shaitan is not the only jinn listening, not the only one aware of you. The jinn, being much like humans, most of them are neither good nor evil, and some are genuinely good. Now they don’t respond directly to material world activities and speech though. One way to “call the cops” would be to go find a mirror and in your mind identify the jinn around you as a wrong doer. Just “blowing the whistle” is often sufficient using your own awareness, and well, their world mirrors our own. Literally reversing things. So when you are looking in the mirror, if you wash your hands you can literally leave a potential shaitan “red handed”. Make them smell like a rat.

I make faces in the mirror. What does that do? Amuses your jinn, or do you have an adversary? Shaitan have only a twisted sense of humour. This is why they “help” you into impulsive actions.

I don’t think I have any that have been problematic enough to make me pay attention, unless they might make me get a break out on my face. No. Many things are just the nature of being a flesh and blood human. But sort of like the “moth man” of contemporary fame, what your jinn looks like depends on you. It’s true form doesn’t actually look like you. In the case of the gluttonous, the jinn resembles a ghoul. In the case of the passionate, the jinn resembles an ifrit, and in theory the variations are endless.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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