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Pacts With The Devil in Shaitan


Now onto “pacts with the devil”. A pact is an agreement or consensus, and you have a consensus with at least one jinn. Sort of a blood pact even to the point of your health being involved. This is why seeing a mysterious black dog was considered an omen of death, black dogs being one form a jinn could take. The unaccounted for element being necessary, because the non-material jinn would vanish after displaying its message. In this regard, the jinn acted perhaps rather much like a banshee, even mourning your death.

Reminds me of a distant howling dog as my grandfather was buried. These events are really all too common. Call them coincidence if you prefer, but then don’t you have to call everything you experience, or choose to do, coincidence also?

But the pact goes two ways. The jinn are bound by that which they bind, tied to that which they tie up. Meaning a bit of reverse psychology is often sufficient to shift their supernatural behaviour.

There is an Iblis like figure in African legend. A God by the name Legba, I believe. He was the keeper of the gate and lived at crossroads, and like the rest of the loa, the agent by which any prayers might potentially be answered. But Legba has a perverse streak behind him. If they want Legba to grant good fortune, they often pray for really bad luck. Pray for the opposite of what they want to have happen, because it’s believed he will cause that. So he can perhaps be seen as the patron loa of pessimists. Well, in jinn lore there is not one shaitain, but many. Iblis is just their leader, the biggest one.

Legba is in a Talking Heads song. Oh, voodoo has inspired a lot of music.

How can you tell something is the work of a jinn as opposed to some other spiritual being? The scope would tell a fair bit. Jinn are not omniscient. They are just a step above the human in apparent power. Mind you this is apparent power, so a jinns work will often look a lot like human sabotage and will show a human level of thinking.

As we gain power through technology, do they as well? They do, though they don’t create it. They use the mirror of the objects we create, and can show different attitudes toward technology than our own. Have you ever heard that your attitude can affect machine function? Well, so does that of your jinn. Even affects the condition of your food. It can make milk spoil and things like that.

I’ve noticed that some people who can fix things will touch something broken, like a car or a TV, and then it will work and they say nothing is wrong with it. Is a jinn involved there? Yes. This is also often seen as the guiding hand in games of chance. They have a reputation of thinking themselves more clever than humans, so they might fix things just for that reason.

It happened with my father all the time. Once we watched the picture tube blow on the TV and he turned it on and it worked after that, not for long, but it did work. Yes. Jinn can’t fully defy laws of physics, that would take an angelic being. They can only suspend them partially, and it isn’t actually partial suspension as the laws of physics differ for them. They just extend their influence to our world.

Eventually, they would stop working for him. He would concede we were right, and he’d fix whatever it was. The jinn probably enjoyed our frustration. They are notorious for that sort of attitude.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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