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We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Hiding From The Devil in Magick


There have been uses of stealth magick in every culture from prayers to meditations, to ritual dances to carrying fetish objects, but they all work in the same way. Your own perceptual filters are elastic, but so are other peoples. So the purpose of these spells (to give them all a name) was to reconfigure your own awareness so you could hide in your opponents shadow, like a memory device to keep you focused on who or what you are seeking to hide from.

I think we would want to do stealth magic with the devil. Traditions say to not let the devil know you’re doing something or he will make it harder. The example of hiding from the devil. We will use that. No matter if you believe in a literal devil or not, there is a presence in peoples minds that is called the devil, and even if you reject any belief in such a being, the idea is still planted in your mind by their repetitive beliefs. It becomes a passive belief rather than an active one.

Now stealth magick aimed at hiding from the devil would have to be based on ones experience of the devil in their culture. You would need to recall the stories, and then the actions you take would have to be in the context of the character of that being. The primary characteristic in most cases is a quality of perverse opposition. So if you wanted to use magick to stealth yourself from whatever form of devil you might be dealing with, you have to be the thing the devil won’t touch. Which means you have to seem like the inhuman being people perceive the devil to be. A simple example of applying this principle is the practice of decorating a building with gargoyles.

So to hide from the devil, act like the devil? Act like the devil or act like the devils world.

Which is living in his shadow? Yes. The devil doesn’t attack the immortal world. So immersion in prayer, getting lost in thoughts of God or the angels, makes “you” get lost.

The adage “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” comes to mind. That does indeed relate.

So if I have a rival in my tribe, how do I hide from him/her and make them not notice me like during a battle? If you have that rival, you do the thing that is beneath him. You do the unthinkable or you beat him to the punch. You do him better than he does. Go where the shadow was leading before he actually gets there.

Cheat a cheater. Yes. The best way to cheat a cheater is to tell them the truth. When it’s clear you know they cheat, they panic, and even if you aren’t going to do anything to them, they will quite readily do things to themselves. You can make a violent man beat himself up. You can make a lying man reveal his every secret. All of this is possible. It’s not just reverse psychology, because you are recruiting more than his or her own mind. You include processes that go on in the world for everyone everywhere. These always kick in with the right signals and the signal is the seeming. There is no difference for anyone between seems like and is. If a plate of food seems gross, even if it’s actually nourishing, if you eat it you will get nauseated and it will have nothing literally to do with the food. The narcissist never defiles their idol. So if you embody some facet of their self image, you will be untouchable by them. Again, no difference between seems like and is. Seem like one of the things that has power over the person, and you will have power over the person.

Until they break the spell, but that would take a self awareness? Yes. With diligence someone can oppose stealth magic. They can counter your efforts, but they do have to know about them first.

People who reinvent themselves are the ones who can do it? Yes, if they do so skilfully.

There is such a thing as the supernatural, but it’s not what most people think it is. It’s the superstructure of the natural world, and it’s readily available for anyone with eyes to see, who are ready.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Diana

    Having grown up Catholic, being taught by nuns, going 12 years to Catholic school does a number on you like nothing else. I rarely watch a movie with devil overtones or devil in the name. (I am still freaked out about The Devil’s Advocate!) So, I almost didn’t read this post. I am so glad I did. I am loving this site. Thanks! Really good ideas to get me thinking in a whole different way.

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