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The Hidden in Jinn


In the lore of our eastern brothers and sisters, there was not one intelligent species created, there were three. The angels were created as agents of God, but not given a will beyond immediate service to God. But two other species were created whom were given the power to choose what path they would take in life, humanity and the jinn. The word jinn means the hidden, and the jinn were not seen as having physical forms as we do.

For each human being born, a jinn is also born spontaneously as a sort of twin to their human counterpart. Though there were other lines of jinn that existed before and exist independently of humans as well.

So I have a djinn? Well, not in the ownership sense, more like in the metaphysical family sense. Like a twin brother? Yes.

Is the jinn part of us? Yes, though also able to exist independently of us, and in some schools of thought is considered the basis of the haunting presence left behind in some houses. The Egyptians had a similar belief about independent souls existing along side each other in our own being.

The jinn, though they lack an actual body, appear to take many different forms and are considered to draw their substance from a force they compare to smokeless fire. Perhaps not unlike the aura people report seeing around people. A haunting jinn was known as an ifrit, and the jinn as a people were considered to live alongside human beings but in a different way. A sort of mirrored existence to the human, invisible to humans and only able to see humans themselves in an unclear way. To a jinn, humans look like apparitions.

They only see our souls? Yes.

Now just as it is seen that humanity was given dominion over the material world, jinn were considered to have an equal command of the unseen or invisible realm. So the jinn might have the ability to shape weather to some degree just as we can landscape our yards. This was the basis of associating wish granting with the jinn. Long story short, if a jinn owed you a favour then much like a human ally you could gain influence over the unseen aspect of the world, if only to a limited degree and for a limited time. In fact, a typical Islamic view is that any magick is accomplished with the aid of the jinn.

This is the lore behind it all.

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Travis Saunders
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