There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Power Is Not Force in Power


Power. It’s a very complicated topic in a way, and yet not as complicated as people make it. Perhaps first an important distinction: Power is not force, and most people who are attempting to show power are actually showing force. Force is not powerful. It’s just forceful, and rigid. What is power actually?

Control? Hmm, a storm controls nothing. Is it not powerful? Control is force as most people establish control, and how long does their control usually last? Even when you think you have control by force, it’s often a delusion.

So, what is power? Well, the original definition of spirit was much like the modern scientific definition of potential energy. The force that is behind any action, but confined to no one action. Ego is a form of force. Forcing conformity on spirit to an ideal that is often ill considered at best.

You are saying spirit is power? Basically, yes, and there is an integrity to power.  It does arise when we’re in touch with our spirit, and this integrity isn’t present in force. In Taoism they refer to power as “virtue” as they did in western alchemy as well.

What is the definition of force in physics? The only definition of force in physics would be entropy. The tendency for a system to lose order over time. Force is an attempt to act on energy, and this usually causes it to “short circuit.” This is why it’s almost a truism that our technology will fail in time. Why we seem to live in a throw away culture. We can’t expect our technology to behave in ways we won’t allow ourselves to function. To paraphrase Einstein; We can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind that we became aware of it in.

Our ancestors are often maligned for their lack of “scientific” wisdom, but we did “throw out the baby with the bath water”. Our ancestors had a wisdom, and they were not any more foolish than we are now. Their focus was different, but their paradigm itself was not the source of our social ills. The ideas that were the source of that, we still have. They have if anything grown more pervasive, and now are even less questioned. Those who truly understand the way of power in the world know they need force nothing. They aren’t forcing us, and yet their power is broad and deep, and unquestioned, but it’s a half truth. Incomplete, because even those who do still really understand the way of power are guilty of the popular oversight.

The oversight is basically the material prejudice. Even our own science can’t, and doesn’t, back up the material prejudice, and yet we still live very much by that line of thinking. The material prejudice is “seeing is believing.” The material world stems from what amounts to a “metaphysical” world, and we have settled for an understanding that amounts to poking a strange creature with a stick. It’s guaranteed that the poking will get a response, but we disavow that there is any rhyme or reason to the response. That we are responsible for the change in the psychic atmosphere of our planet.

Hence cut ourselves off from power? Yes, also setting ourselves up to deal with resistances that we don’t understand, and as of yet still refuse to acknowledge even as they wear away the very institutions we respect so much.

Isn’t that what form is? Resistances? No, and that is one of the counterpoints that is reinforcing the material prejudice. There are those who see material and form as incomplete, yet they overreact. Shunning flesh and matter as somehow profane. Deciding cognition is an evil immersed only in ego seems to me to be as short sighted as materialist dogma.

We did not make a decision to start our species as we know ourselves now. There are many popular strains of new age thought that create some serious stumbling blocks. The order of our flesh and our brains was not established by us. Not established by humans as a select committee.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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