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In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

Power In Life in Power


The subject is power, and I’m not talking about the egotists ambition. I’m talking about the force that moves the world. There is power, and we think we have it, and yet deeper in our hearts we really fear we don’t. And for most of us on any level, we aren’t really sure what it is. If power is getting things your own way, then I offer this. There is an old Arab curse; May your every wish be immediately fulfilled. If this was the way of the world, and the real way of power, how would the world be?

This might sound weird, but for some people in the western world, they have great power to do whatever they want. Or does the power have them, and is it really a power relationship? I would say this isn’t power, but a philosophy of force.

There is power, and there is control. Do the twains meet? Power and control do not meet. Not control as we commonly understand it. Control, as most people seek it, is having things happen “my way”, but who really has an idea of what would be there way? Let alone the power that they would want to make things happen?

International Bankers have a lot of power. They do, but perhaps not for the obvious reason. The bankers have trust, and the way of force lessens power. It doesn’t gain it.

The powerful we speak of even negatively have their power not from an innate link to the power of the world, but because of how people allow their power to be diverted. Because they accept the primacy of a set of thoughts, they call them “the real world”. I have always thought that notion strange. As a young man my Dad would forever harp on how I was not in touch with the real world. Because I would elect to avoid the company of many of my peers, and would choose books instead of popular media, it put me “out of touch”.  But there has always been a “power” in my life. I don’t think it’s unique to my life, and I have seen it in everyone’s really. For many, this power seems to be “the great equalizer”, laying those whose cornerstone is ego low. I have never seen a single arrogant person who wasn’t on some level constantly humiliated.  Has anyone else? Arrogance doesn’t come from power, nor does it support power, but we don’t as a society support this connection.

To use some tarot symbolism, “the fool” is actually quite blessed. The one who doesn’t know what they can’t do is not powerless. The way of power denies ego. The very simple reason that the way of power denies ego is that there isn’t “my power” and “your power”, there is “the power.” If I say “I have power” my statement really doesn’t have much meaning, other than I might be verging on an ego trip.

Seeing as a child? Exactly. Children have a great deal of power.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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