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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

You Are Power in Power


In Hawaiian culture, they acknowledge all forms of life as family, and they aren’t being abstract about it. So my power is the power of the piece of pizza I ate this morning, should I declare myself to be pizza?

Sometimes when you’re hungry you feel your strength coming back by every bite. Indeed, and in my experience when you let yourself appreciate that, you are gaining power. You gain more from what you eat and it is wasted when you are “busy eating.”

People get busy, but power is not busyness. Power comes well before that, and will endure after. Like the massive potential energy in our world, power is what everything is. You might have asked before what power has to do with spirituality, well power isn’t anything ambition can give you. You can’t have power. You are power.

If power = energy, then all is power. Yes, exactly. We are power. Like the alchemists view of the world, what you power is in the essence of your nature. It’s like acids ability to be a solvent, or a bases ability to neutralize acid, though it’s caustic itself. We have many of the worlds most powerful elements in us right now. We have enough nuclear energy in our bodies to destroy a city the size of New York completely five times over, and that is one person. Just a single person. But what we lack is the way of power, because we think we can dictate that way. In the hubris of human thinking, we actually believe the human way is the better way.

We are taught to ignore our instincts. Yes, and that disempowers us, disconnects us from the world and from each other. Every other form of life in this world comes together in the place they need to be, and in the relationship that serves. Erring only little, and erring only if you see the world in an anthropomorphic sense. Seeming failure to thrive is as much a part of the way of power as is vibrant flourishing. We have the gift of thought, and yet we mock our pets for chasing their own tails. How many of us are actually in this world? How many of us are really connected and aware? Isn’t chasing our own mental tails a lot more silly? It’s worse than silly, it’s scary, because we insist our mental loops are real. We insist war is justified to maintain our power, while it has never done any such thing. We get stuck in a mental loop and say “this is my life.”

How much are you actually living? Are the colors bright? Do you feel peace and understanding? Or does everything seem dull and repetitive, and like you can solve little or nothing? To paraphrase Einstein; You can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind that you become aware of it in. All of this “realism”, all of this nobility and idealism, is not what we need. If your values do genuinely stem from your heart, you will know them better not by clinging to them and defending them. If they are true, they will stay true even if you let them go.

There is a way of power, and we are convinced we can’t have it. It floods up inside of us, and we are told it’s wrong. It’s unrealistic. It‘s arrogant, or immoral. I will be bluntly honest. If this is real morality I have no taste for it at all. I don’t care for it one bit. I feel that spirit is evident, and I think it’s perhaps the most frustrating thing most people face, because you say things like “I didn’t mean to” or “That isn’t what I intended” and these statements have merit how? Your spirit speaks anyway, even while you’re ignoring it. You have desires, even while you are busy declaring yourself a Buddha. That in itself is a desire.

There is a way of power, and you don’t need me to tell you about it. You just need to see it. It’s in your life right now, and you may be blaming it for things that don’t stem from it. You may feel it’s bullying you, but quite the opposite. You are bullying it, and as much as you might love to fight, ultimately it will win, because it isn’t forcing you to do anything. It is you. You aren’t you. The things you think you are, the roles you may be enamoured with, your problems, these are not you.

The way of power is often feared, because it doesn’t have fear. Your spirit fears nothing, and this is maybe why it seems like a tyrant. The original meaning of the word tyrant was Greek, and meant “hero of the people”. Your inner demon that you’re so busy fighting might actually be your biggest hero. Your instincts can tell you if it’s evil or not, if you will actually listen.

Why is it there in the first place? Can’t it just work? Perhaps a more appropriate question, is why are you here? Because it was there first, so why can’t you just let it work? Why when faced with power do you answer with fear? Why when life calls you, do you say “I’m too busy”? Why so busy “keeping it real”?

Do I keep it real? No, you keep it truthful. Thank you for saying so, and in the conflict between me and keeping it real do I “beat” anyone? No, and can save them if they don’t fear. I don’t need to beat anyone, because it isn’t about me. I practice what I preach about beliefs. I keep my beliefs at arms length, and I watch them. Some do fall away, and many actually don’t.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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