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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Power Symbols in Spells


Beyond words we have symbols. Some people believe that symbols have innate power, some do not, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. They are still useful for spell casting. How many different intentions do you have in the average day, really?

Not a lot. A handful maybe. And there are symbols that can represent those, likely do, either deliberately chosen or not. For most people, they are not deliberately chosen so the awareness of them becomes scattered, and your car fails to build up any real power for you. But your car can build a great deal of power if you intend it to. If you connect it in your awareness with the life you are living and its energies.

Generally, more abstract symbols are more useful as they can acquire broader meaning for you. Money generally has a very narrow meaning, but if you have a symbol that translates as earth or world to you, that can include money as well. When you use the symbol as a focus for your thoughts, to clear your head and anchor your awareness on something you intend, you don’t have to make it happen. Just having that embodiment of your intention sets it to working on its own. A sort of strange mix of auto-suggestion and hetero-suggestion, but don’t get me wrong. Spells are more than self hypnosis.

Reminds me of a commercial I saw for quitting smoking. Those are indeed watered down spells. The promise was to quit quitting and then stop smoking. Sold for 75 bucks a pop, or more. It is based on sound insight. Funny that we are being sold what we can discover for ourselves, but it’s really always been that way.

This is where the element of faith comes in actually. Any one faith is not necessary for spellcasting. You don’t have to be wiccan, or a shaman, or a druid, or a monk. We all cast spells, but we don’t do it in a crafty way usually. Before we take up a craft, we don’t make actual use of the process.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insight on “Power Symbols”

  1. Julie Jarnagin (Divajules)

    Hi Travis,
    What you say is true. I just took a Reiki class during which I realized that all the ceremonies, spells, and rituals are not really necessary. All you need is the intent. The power is in the intention and the rituals give us something to “do”. Really, there is nothing to do. The energy simply is.

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