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You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective.

Styles of Spell Casting in Spells


Styles of spell casting are like styles of art, really. In my belief, no one style is better than another. Like music, rap isn’t better or worse than pop music or country. But a style of spellcasting may be better or worse for you personally, and finding your spellcasting style is a realization of self. An element of self discovery, compatibility or affinity.

In fact, many use rap as their style of magic. Yes. I will even add that it can work, if the song is deliberately chosen for that purpose.

And if you find a real good rap mage, it’s amazingly powerful. Oh, indeed. I have heard they are great at luck making. Something about the brash style of that music just charms things into going your way.

And if it is impromptu as it once was, then the power is greater. Yes, because it taps intuition more.

But back to the more general. Spell casting has a counterpart in purely mentalist practices. What we call psychics today. Research into abilities like remote viewing and stuff like that, but whether you practice spellcasting or an introverted mentalist method, the same things can potentially be accomplished. And well, though like being right or left handed you will likely favour one way over the other, whatever type of method you use will have elements of the other in it.

Preamble now aside, down to brass tacks. There are as many ways of practicing spellcasting as there are learning styles or types of thinking. Really intellectual and bookish ways, as well as really emotional and ecstatic ways. They are all potentially equal and tapped different elements of universal reality to build the personal power of the spell caster.

There were the desert magi who were big chanters and astrologers. There where the jungle mystics who would free their minds in ecstatic union with the living jungle around them. And there were even priests of the gods who would soar to heights of self transcendence by immersion in their mysteries and initiatory rites.

You can’t see stars as well in the jungle. You can’t tap plant power as well in the desert. Exactly, but they are all valid.

In Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism they focuse on chanting during meditation. The claim is that reality can be altered with these chants. Basically spell casting. Yes. That is called theurgy, but isn’t the only style.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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