Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

Charms To Attract in Charms


Most natural magic uses one of two ideas. It’s pretty simple as a whole, but it is sort of like a magnet. They use amulets and such to repel undesired things, like disease or bad fortune, and there is a lot of that in feng shui. Charms are on the opposite side of that spectrum. They are recitations or materials, meditations or symbolic actions taken to draw something to you. People in ever world culture have had countless charms, either religiously connected or more from a sort of rustic “I’ll have good luck if I keep a rabbits foot with me” sort of reasoning. To this day you can hear people utter almost prayers to the dice when they want to roll well in a casino, and that sort of thinking is as old as human history, actually older.

Older? Hmm, old spear heads, old fish hooks, old shields and masks, all bore imagery designed for no other purpose but to draw a desired event.

The sun would be the worlds oldest charm? The original charm? Solar images, yes indeed.

They blow on the dice in a casino. Yes, blowing on the dice would be a “charm”. Just as they say “the third times the charm”, so they do things in threes.

Lucky socks and undies? Yes, lucky socks and undies would be charms also. The association of success with a specific garment or item of jewellery say.

A blonde at your side in a casino. Yes, the idea that blonds are connected to getting lucky is a charm. :smile:

So, do charms work? I will say yes, they do.  Or is it belief? Well, beliefs are what motivate action, and firm belief motivates passionate action. Many famous minds both in war time and in peace ascribe more importance to belief than skill.

Charms crystallize our intent? Yes, like neuro-linguistic programming they can provide a system of representing intention.

Law of attraction? Yes, the law of attraction in its oldest known form.

Avatars of intent? Well said. Even an avatar can in a sense be a charm. A way of drawing the spirit of a way of being. Cave paintings were charms, and they were literally stabbed with spears.

So, how do charms have their power? In a sense, by the power of suggestion. Rabbits are numerous and fertile, so a rabbits foot would be associated with prolific behaviour of any kind, but it isn’t quite that simple.

A four leaf clover is rare. Therefore lucky? Yes, and you are all following well. :smile:

I imagine there would be some “politics” with the associations of the charms. Very true. Charms weren’t always chosen for an immediately obvious association.

Or rather they have been stolen by politicians for political purposes. That too, our money has a lot of that sort of symbolism on it, and thus we live in trickle up economics.

Flags? It is on flags also.

Charms were often recognized as such because of an intuitively observed relationship. So sometimes a charm won’t seem directly connected to what you might seek to attract. Either because the desired thing is noted to be present in certain circumstances or environments like a lucky sock from a sports uniform not directly connected to scoring in game, but was present and therefore connected, and sometimes a charm is recognized for its connection to a cycle.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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