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Language of Diplomacy in Charms


Humans give charms power not vice versa? Well, humans relate to power by charms. Even if it’s just a spoken phrase that seems like a fetish, like “I can’t” or “I don’t know”. If you are healthy, your eyes are always communicating with light on some level, your ears with sound, your body communicating contact with solid objects. Charms are in a sense a language of “diplomacy”. What your attention is on will be attracted to you. What’s at the heart of your awareness will be your whole life, but with the use of charms you are sort of “faking” the focus issue.

Can you expand on ‘faking’?  Most people think that to have a focus they must always be constantly aware. Their mind always focused. If not, supposedly they are unfocused.

Yes, like a reminder? Yes. A string tied around your finger is a charm.

Sounds to me like you are talking about maintaining a connection to what the charm represents? That’s it. Your mind, even if you have a relatively normal consciousness, still takes in everything around you. If you are wearing say a wedding ring, you may have “forgotten” about it but your subconscious mind is always perceiving the wedding ring. So it knows of the ring and its symbolism and helps contribute to an ongoing awareness of the marriage even if you “aren’t thinking about it”.

Creates an interchange of energy between yourself and the charm? Yes. Energy goes where attention goes, and we aren’t one track creatures. The mind just can’t see only one thing, ever. We wouldn’t be well off if it did, so having the object for your awareness does also direct your energy there.

Ah, but at the same time we cannot track more than a few things at a time? Not in our conscious thinking, no, but in fact while you sleep you often dream of hybridized images. Objects that have a symbolic rather than literal meaning, or strange places that make no sense in the waking world but are perfectly intelligible while you sleep. The mind creates those fused images because it noticed it all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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